Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stormy Saturday

Today we had some wind and rain that pelted our area. All the action took more force early afternoon. Friday we had wind and rain and it was chilly by late afternoon. I turned the heat up a notch to stay warm. It didn't help any that I've got a cold bug. These two photos are of our dark rain clouds that hit around 6 PM. Trees across the way from us, and our garage with heritage birch tree in our back lawn.Our weather really turned since Sunday. Autumn hit and all of a sudden, it was wind and rain for us. This system,out in Pacific Ocean, is same system that is giving Japan a typhoon! We get the remnants! It could be worse!

Notice the heavy rain. I actually scared myself, thinking there  was lightning when it was camera flash! Joke's on me! TEE HEE!
Rain pelting our street.(taken through the window.)
Some wind action.

Looking out the front window at my roses that are no longer blooming. I've seen the last of their beauty this year! It's my rose bush I've had for 22 years and I need to add about 2 more to join it this next spring!

Weather report for tonight and what's happening now.

We've had .33" of rain at the time of the forecast. Coast was bad, a couple places, north coast, nearly 3" of rain as of today!

I lit a candle in the dining room once it started to get dark. Our power glitched quite a few times. Once this afternoon is was glitching so much we shut our computers down. Our cable tv was out for a minute, came back on.

Dinner was home made pizza. Phil whipped up the crust ingredients in the bowl I gave him. I did the remainder. Hamburger was still a little was already cooked. I put it all in a pan and put spaghetti sauce in pan as well, with a little chili powder and oregano and 2 teaspoons of Splenda (makes tomatoes less acidic), added two mushrooms that I chopped up.Cheddar cheese and an Italian 3 cheese mix on top. Baked 450 degrees, 12 minutes.

4 pieces missing afterwards, because we ate dinner!

My 3rd cup of hot tea today in my "Whose on Third?" mug. It used to be my mom's but now I have it.She likes owls. (Or maybe it was dad's? Now I can't remember! He played baseball in high school.)  It holds a lot of tea.  First tea at lunch was caffeinated, the other two were not. May be a third one, possibly chamomile tea. Will see. Since I took some medicine for my cough and congestion (pill form) I need to drink a lot of liquid. It keeps my stomach happy.

Delicious oatmeal chocolate chips bars. They have craisins in it as well. I add two serving spoonsful of creamy peanut butter to the batch. It's not so crumbly that way. It is a quick thing to make, when there's not alot of time, I don't feel like making cookies but we are out of cookies. A sad thing in our house is a day without cookies! :0>

The little candle after dinner with some melted wax.  As I'm writing, there's quiet which means not much rain. Getting cooler now.   I hope to feel good enough to go to church tomorrow. Only went as far as the mailbox today to get a rebate out in the mail. Didn't make my friend's, Richard, memorial service at church. I don't like breathing/coughing germs on people. I did go to his burial service at Willamette National Cemetery in the a.m.Friday.  Then decided to make a quick stop at Trader Joe's and get some items I needed since it was close by and don't have to make a special trip. Got gas. Pulled into church parking lot 10 min. after Lois' memorial service started, didn't miss much. Felt ok til late afternoon. Maybe part of it was grief. My first cold of the season, oh joy!  Have a good weekend, my friends, whether the weather is nice or not. If I feel good enough, maybe I'll venture out tomorrow afternoon to the Flock and Fiber Festival. God bless!


Jan said...

I do hope the bad weather and the niggling of a cold have passed you by now. Looks like you have made the best of it with the lovely meals.

Thank you for your comment, I left a response. I get my comments by email as well, and always respond by email when I can.... however I see that yours is a no-reply address. I have not been in the habit of going back to see if there is a response, (mainly because I would not always remember where I left a comment) but don't know if others do. Sorry about the long reply.
Blessings and Hugs,

Faye Henry said...

I so enjoyed your post but found it hard to read as the type is small.. My old age, I guess..Your food looks wonderful..

Julia said...

Hola que bonito bloc, me ha encantado, yo tengo uno hace poco al cual te invito a verlo .

Me gustan tus fotografias son una maravilla
Muchas felicidades por tu bloc


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aimee said...

Happy to have all of our weekend stormy weather past. As I write this, I am actually looking at a beautiful sunny blue sky and sunlight streaming through some maples! Hope to see more of this type of weather as the week goes by:)
Hope you are feeling better my sis-in-Christ. Have a great week!

Camille said...

Sorry you were not feeling well my friend. Your food all looks yummy and comforting. I *love* candles on stormy cosy. We got the rain here on the weekend as well. Today it came bucketing down on us and now it's blue skies and sunny. :) Get well soon. Keep warm! Hugs, Camille