Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summer Sunday Wedding

The newly weds, Dewey and Amanda! In the bright sun on a late June Sunday. Much happiness. We've known Dewey since he was 6 months old. It's been a journey to watch him grow and get through chemo treatments a few years ago. A blessing to share in this day.
Quanah, groom's sister and my daughter, Megan.

Beautiful cake. I was able to get a chandelier into the "B".

Bride's cake and groom's cake. Dewey and his family enjoy the Blazer games!

One of the many delicacies. There was a dessert bar. I didn't fill up too much. We'd eaten dinner at a pub earlier since we knew we'd be hungry during the wedding.  Of course I had some chocolate cake.

These chandeliers were a favorite highlight of mine. They were pretty, sparkly and just a fun addition to the old church building that's now a place where people can get married.

Pink flowers on the damask table cloth. This pattern was a theme of the wedding stationery as well.

Wedding is over so the tulle is coming down. Flower girl and ring bearer look on.

I was tempted to pull this tulle out of the trash. I like it but not enough to get it from a trash can. I couldn't really put it in my purse either~oh my! oh whatever!

"The Hand".....none other than my daughter! TeeHee!!

Maid of honor giving a toast.

Best man, also groom's brother, Cain. His toast was funny as he wrote it as a poem.

Lights that accompanied the music.

Couple's first dance together.
Details on bride's dress.

Father-Daughter dance.

Mother-Groom dance. I cried when I watched them dance. Teresa had breast cancer a couple years ago and now is cancer free. Dewey is cancer free from his cancer....So happy to see them here today.

Chandelier again with lights on ceiling. Told you I liked the lights!

Outside once more, before we left.....beautiful flowers. I believe this a type of hydrangea. 

Phil and I "dancing" our way from the wedding. Time to head home.

Light and hanging flower basket appeal to me. This is in an old towne location. So pretty.

Megan enjoyed this Jeep. She said she wanted one like it! Dream on! It was still sitting in front of the pub where we ate a quick sandwich dinner. Probably belongs to someone who works in the pub.
Gifts! I love to give them. Sometimes I get carried away. What started out as a folded cooler, I picked up from Costco turned almost impossible to wrap. I bought some plates, napkins, vinyl tablecloth & plastic ware to go inside. I wound up opening up the cooler and put everything inside it. Then wrapped it. Too heavy to put into a gift bag. Box would be too big. What was I thinking? Obviously not well enough! But the newlyweds loved it and used it on their road trip honeymoon! 

Amanda's shower


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, what a meaningful wedding! You did a great job with your pics :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

What a wonderful wedding! So beautiful and many blessings for the happy couple! What a blessings and praise---for mom and son are cancer free! We also are so blessed and thank the Lord for our son's healing and that we were able to celebrate his recent wedding too :o)

(great work on your gift wrapping!)

Blessings & Aloha!
Now that our son's wedding is done, I am catching up once again to blog visits and blogging. Thank you for stopping by (I cannot recall who I have made return thank you visits too! so I want to be sure that I say thank you! :o)