Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday

This week has been full of unexpected happenings.  On Monday afternoon, a few of us from work went to another co worker's house for a wake/open house since his wife died last week. A lot of food, talking, tears. It's been a bit hard on me as I knew Mike's wife.  Enjoyed her laugh, her knowledge. I was just getting to know them better. Sigh! Life moves on.....leaves people sad, and helping the grieving widower now that everyone is gone. Soon to be born twins won't get the chance to meet one of their grandmas.

Monday night our town a loud thunder storm that nobody knew was going to be there. Near midnight, one huge roll of thunder scared the 3 of us when we were nearly asleep. Took quite awhile to get to sleep. Stormed for about an hour, not completely right over us. Fast forward to last night and it thundered again, not quite as bad. Still sleep was not easily upon us. This afternoon it started to rain, while I was at work. Then thunder and lightning showed up again!! Right now it's raining. Not normal for us in the valley in Oregon to get three thunderstorms in one week!!!

On Tuesday,  a co worker was on her last break. She was driving to get an ice cream when she was hit while stopped at a red light.  She was at work today for awhile. She was ringing up a customer's order
And as she was putting items into the grocery sized bag, I could see her flinch. I bagged the rest of the order. She went home. Her car is totaled. Glad she's not totaled. Hurting is painful enough.

Now it's time for laundry and dinner clean up. Grab a sweatshirt since it's chilly in here. Hope you all have a good tomorrow.  I praying for no rain Saturday since I'm headed for an afternoon wedding and the reception dinner is outdoors!

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Karen Frost said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. So sad to leave behind unborn twins. Life is certainly hard sometimes. Glad your co-worker is o.k. I can see why you are a little shaken up this week. We had the same storm roll our way with thunder and lightning and heavy rain all last night. We needed the rain, so that was good. Hope you have good weather for the wedding. Sorry I haven't been visiting - I lost you on my blog roll for a while, but have you back. I've been a little scatter brained lately. Thank you for your sweet visit. I hope your Mom is doing well. You're a good daughter. Hugs xoxo