Sunday, October 6, 2013

Celebrating 90 Years!

Celebrating my mom's 90th birthday this weekend! David, Phil, Becky, Karen, Tyler, Francis and Justin. A few people were missing becuz of colds/viruses. Ranor was taking the photo. He's down below in next photo. We were looking at photos on my lap top. My sister brought her thumb drive and we were able to see places that she and Ranor and sometimes Tyler and the dogs have hiked.  Some of the first photos we looked at were side ways. Thus, the silly photo! I couldn't resist!

I found these pumpkin on a stick branches at my fav fruit stand. I'd never seen them. I thought they were fake. I was looking for hot glue and rubbery pumpkins. No! It's a real plant that is in the egg plant family. Non-edible pumpkins though. These were off a plant, will last in water for a few months. Mom liked them!  She's never had a gift like this!

Karen, in back, with mom Francis, and my sis, Kerri. Outside in the garden courtyard of the nursing home. It was such a beautiful day. Kerri went in and got mom's sunglasses. The 3 of them took off around the building and looked at some gardens on the other side of the complex.  I didn't go, wanted to rest my weary bones from being tired and not well most of the week. Today was a better day, thankfully!

One of the 3-4 finches that landed on this bird bath. They had been visiting a feeder then landed on this bath. I was able to get a quick photo of this bird before it took off as well. A bright day for sure. It was a blessing to see the sunshine and birds visiting!

A stone turtle and some hen and chickens plant behind it. The little critters are so cute!  We all parted company after a couple hours. Sis and family had to head back to WA, my brother back down south an hour away, brought by a friend. It was a good day.  Now we (Phil and I) are looking forward to celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary this week....on Tuesday.  Imagine that! Will be sharing more of our festivities later! Til next time, have a good week and may you be filled with God's love and spread it all around you! Hugs!


Karen Frost said...

Wonderful family photos, Becky! I love the one of everyone looking sideways! Happy birthday to your Mom - 90 years old - my goodness, that is a milestone! So nice that you had a sunny day to celebrate with your Dear Mom and enjoy the lovely weather and gardens. Also, Happy Anniversary to you! I hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs xoxo

Kathy said...

Happy birthday to your mom! 90 years old! What a blessing. It looks as if you had a wonderful time with her. (Like the picture of you all with your heads tilted. Cute.)

That pumpkin plant is so unusual. I've never seen anything like it.

aimee said...

I saw some of those 'pumpkin on a stick' plants today at Bauman's Farm. They are SO cool--now I am wishing I had bought some! Oh well--maybe next time.
Glad your mom had a nice 90th--such a blessing! LOVED your second photo--what a great shot!
Wishing you many blessings on your upcoming anniversary!
God bless,