Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun Day Out--Day 1

Phil and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. Day one out of 3 days turned out different than we'd first planned. Our original plan was to go to Toastmasters where he work,since it was Thursday. We did that, as always, I felt welcomed and enjoyed the food and speeches and table topics.  Then we went to the Portland Aquarium. It changes a bit, but we have a year's pass, courtesy of Justin and Erin, giving it for my present last Christmas.  We'd been here earlier this year as well. My aquarium, that I'd love to have in my house, was still there!

Chased this little guy around and finally got a photo of him/her.

A shrimp that was interesting, colorful. It has yellow, not white, in coloring and a red stripe.
Clown fish and anemones.

Evening was the change to our plans. Phil had won a humorous speech competition in Sept. So he was going to the next level, up in Portland.  After we left the aquarium, we drove from I-205 then onto I-5. Good time of day, late afternoon, but not late enough for alot of traffic. We were at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital. This building is across from the auditorium where the competition was being held. We came early enough to park and find where we needed to be. Eating dinner was next on our agenda. We went inside this building, wandered a tiny bit, one cafe was closed. A man from US Bank told us where to go. Heart Beat cafe. It was ok, could have been better but we needed food. Not romantic, but interesting since it was an atrium, covered over between two buildings. One old, one new. Interesting!


Phil being introduced for his humorous speech "How I helped Jason meet the Cheerleaders." (It was in summer camp in PA.) It was good and he better improved from last time. He practiced upteen million times for a month!  The little box in front was  like a traffic light. His speech was 5-7 minutes long. Green light goes on at minimum time, red light goes on at maximum time and you have 30 seconds to finish. Yellow light goes on between min and max time. 
Phil delivering his speech. I had more photos but they didn't turn out well on my Samsung Tablet camera. I don't like it very well. Couldn't use a flash camera either, don't want him or other people messing up on their work! Quiet was the order of the evening during speeches and judging, except for laughter, in the right spots!

Phil accepting his 3rd place certificate.

Hurrah, so proud of you! 3rd out of 7....Way to go!
Once it was over, we helped a friend figure out how to get back to I-5 (she followed us to the ramp) and then we went I-84 to Troutdale. We spent the night there. (We'd originally thought about driving back home, but Troutdale was on our way....less time and gas used this way!)  I fell in love with this sink/counter top. It was in the room then shower/toilet was behind me in a separate room. We had a good sleep at the Comfort Inn and enjoyed the delicious breakfast they always have!  Then we headed to Hood River after we repacked our cases.  But that's for another post! 


aimee said...

NICE aquarium photos! I find the creatures who live under and at the ocean fascinating! Isn't it awesome that God made such a beautiful variety of life in all the parts of our world?
Congrats on 36 years of marriage, and to Phil--a BIG congrats on his certificate! WTG:)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Congratulations to Phil! That is a big deal :) Happy anniversary, too!

Camille said...

Happy belated anniversary! And...congrats to your hubby!! Great job. :)