Monday, October 21, 2013

Just Monday

....fog starting out the day, in a cool house, but now the heat is on. Breakfast soon.      Had a good weekend, with watching the grandchildren on Sat.  Weather is chilly when we go to church and still a chill in the air when we leave 2 1/2 hours later.  Afternoon was nice, spent a bit of time outdoors sweeping leaves off walk and patio, again!  Visited a friend who had her 3rd knee surgery, a 4th one in Dec. prior to Christmas. Right now she doesn't have a knee cap, but will next time. A long process. We took her and her husband bean soup I'd made in the crockpot the other week. I'd frozen the leftovers and there was so much, I decided to share. It's not easy being down and cooking too.  By the time we left it was chilly. Jumped into the car and turned heat on. Came home, put on a sweatshirt and went on a walk with my precious husband. It was still light and I like that better than walking in the dark. But that's the norm these days since that's when we can walk after work.     I'm glad you all enjoyed the moon and leaves photo I posted. I found out the next day that prior night wasn't full moon, but Friday..and it was the Hunters' Moon, on Friday. It was beautiful too. I love this time of year with all the crisp leaves and bright moon. And stars, seeing the big dipper to the northwest of us.  Reminds me of a song ::In the stars his handiwork I see......well it's off to work for me so I best eat some breakfast.....will be back soon with photos of our trip to Hood River last week. Hugs and have a blessed week, my friends!


aimee said...

I love this time of the year too Becky! It's even prettier because of all the sunny, warm weather we've enjoyed as of late--well when we don't have fog that is:)
Sweet of you to bring some food for your friend.

Kathy said...

I love the fall too. Except for the weather getting colder. I would rather have temperatures in the 70s but I guess I have to wait for next spring for that.

That was a nice idea to bring soup for your friend. We do that in our church. When someone is sick (or has just had a baby) the congregation gets together and provides dinner for a week. It's great to see people caring for each other.