Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our 36th Anniversary

Celebrating 36 years of marriage to my dear husband.
We've been through the joys of life,
along with the lows, plateaus,
mediocre, unemployment,
health problems,
child rearing,
home schooling.
Remembering when we were just wed seems long ago,
but then again not so far away.
Working with youth group at Air Force base chapel
when we were just dating.
Now we teach children at church together,
as a married couple.
Tradition continue of.....loving the Lord with all our hearts
 as our families did,
teaching His ways to our children,
now our grandchildren. Going to church together,
going to Bible classes together.
Reading together sometimes.
Travels across the states.
No children, young children,
teens, with daughter in love.
Caring for grandchildren to let
their parents have sanity/together time.

Making space for each others' interests...
he's my tripod carrier and set 'er up 'er,
bears with me when I take too long to photograph things.
Allows my interest in mission work and lets me travel to a
foreign country, with his blessing and support.
I support him in his role playing games,
his speeches that he writes and gives at Toastmasters.
He won a contest last month and now next level is on a
day we'd planned just for us, so we changed our plans
to accomodate the second level.

Love is give and take, more than 51%.
Loving through the years,
all times.
God has blessed us in ways we can only have imagined.
Thirty six years and counting!
Many chapters written,
many memories.
With one another!
Hand in Hand,
with God!

My husband, my protector, my friend.
I love you, more each day.
Always and forever.
Happy Anniversary,
to us!

Photos:taken at a friend's wedding late summer. By me!

 Anniversary 2012        


Karen Frost said...

Happy Anniversary, Becky! A wonderful tribute to your dear husband and lovely thoughts on making a long marriage work. An inspiration! Hugs xoxo

Kathy said...

Happy anniversary! What a lovely tribute to a long marriage. May you have many more years together.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What an awesome tribute! My mom is in toastmasters and I was, too, when I was going to college in Pendleton. It was an experience that has stuck with me and helped me all these years whenever I speak. Tell your hubby congratulations! Happy Anniversary to you guys. Hope to get to meet you in person someday :)

Ruth said...

Congratulations, Becky and Phil!!! The Lord is good!!! Hugs and blessings~