Friday, October 4, 2013

Photographic Friday: Flowers

Early Sept, my daughter and I went to a friend's wedding. I was given this floral arrangement from the wedding/reception to bring home.  I really enjoyed the flowers for the next few days. We had changed and were ready to go home  when we found out the couple was going to be leaving in half hour. So we stayed after we changed, thus the jeans!

Pansies I brought home from my favorite farm/garden store. I put these away in the garage when the storm came over the weekend. I haven't planted them yet. I will sometime in these next few days. I adore pansies. They last a long time!

A couple weeks ago I was visiting my mom at the nursing home. She still has a way with plants. She took a cutting from her coleus she has had growing in her room. I finally remembered to bring it home with me. Here it is in my purse. I was in the dining room, listening to music, with her and some of the residents, before I came home. Plant cutting was easier to carry this way. I got some good chuckles out of it. So I thought I'd share the photo with u, my readers and friends, as well. Have a great weekend. It looks kinda nice here! We actually had some sunshine Thursday, and there's a  bit of chill in the air. Fall is here and I've worn a heavy coat and stocking cap as well! Enjoy!


aimee said...

Beautiful, beautiful wedding flowers! I have helped my florist friend with some weddings and loved it! Good luck with your pansy planting--I need to get some bulbs planted before it's too late.

Faye Henry said...

Love your flowers and pansies are a favorite of mine, too..
Your winter must be much different from ours.. smile..

Jan said...

Lovely to see your flowers. Such an honour to be given the wedding flowers!
Great your Mom still has her lifelong interest in plants.
Love and Blessings,

Kathy said...

What beautiful flowers! I had to smile when I saw the coleus in your purse. That's something I would do.

Karen Frost said...

Beautiful photo of you with your big bouquet of flowers! It's going to be hard to say goodbye to our summer flowers, but I did buy some pansies, too, for the winter. The coleus is pretty and a nice reminder of your Mom's love. Hugs xoxo