Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tired Tuesday

I went to work this a.m. Rain on and off. Big fluffy clouds, grey clouds. Nice looking tree across from the store that's changing color. Shimmering raindrops on leaves. Backdrop of dark grey clouds behind tree made it so picturesque. Customer I was talking to turned and saw the same sight as me. He agreed it looked beautiful. If only I had a camera and was able to run out and take a picture of it. No! I had to be at work!  Oh dear me! It's all right. I see many things that only live within my memory banks that were seen through these eyes.

I'm still dealing with my cold bug. So much so that I left work on my lunch break, deposited my pay check. On way home, my daughter called, since I'd texted her I was coming home. "Could you pick up something for my stomach? I'm sick to my stomach and............" . Since I'd passed all the stores and now only had a service station or a couple fast food spots, I chose to stop at service station. Not going into other stores, cuz I don't feel like it. Chose 3 things, came home. Took contact lenses out and my eyes felt so much better. Talk to daughter, thanks me for Sprite that she drinks. Later some Power aid. I can't believe I slept a good portion of 3 hours! Baked potato for dinner. Now it's time to get a few things done and crawl into bed. Another work day dawns tomorrow and I'm gonna make it through.

Talked to brother and then my sister. We are trying to work out plans for Sat. Our mom's 90th birthday is that day. We are going to see her in the nursing home. She will enjoy that. Brother needs transportation here, he can't drive that far. Train/bus and we pick him up and go back later to train/bus station. Logistics get in the way. Times get in the way. Life gets in the way. We work it out!

Our storm didn't do much damage. We had power. Only some glitches. Some places over across town lost some power for many hours, some a few hours. Now we are just having rain. It was nice to see the sunshine on Monday and some blue sky! Even a rainbow later that afternoon! I always look for one in the stormy weather, after it's rained. Sometimes I find one. Beautiful! Makes me smile and know that God loves me and you! Don't worry about me, tomorrow is another day and I will be feeling better and so will my daughter!!  Blessings my friends and look for the rainbows!!!!


Kathy said...

Sounds like my life. Yes, we do have to always look for the rainbows. They are there, we just have to find them.

Hope you and your daughter are feeling better.

xoxo Kathy

Karen Frost said...

Sorry you are feeling 'under the weather' lately. My son was sick just recently with similar symptoms - must be making the rounds. Doesn't it seem that whenever you see something photo worthy, the camera is not close by? Or you are whizzing by in a car! We are still getting rain here and there was a tornado near where my daughter and husband live, the other day! I can see snow in the foothills! We went from summer to winter in a flash. Hang in there - hope you get to see a rainbow! Hugs xoxo

aimee said...

An early wish for your mom to have a very happy birthday and a hope that both you and your daughter will soon be back to good health!
Yes, many memories of beautiful scenes here too.