Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Saturday Shopping

Thanksgiving is over. Shopping for Christmas has begun. I didn't hit the malls since there's always too much traffic. I escaped and went the back roads to get the the interstate and headed north, to Trader Joes.  The traffic headed south was horrendous.  Mall traffic and Civil War game traffic (Oregon Ducks against Oregon State Beavers.) Thankful I was heading north. What will traffic be like when I return?  And this was at 1:30 PM!   Thankful for back roads that I took when I came south bound after Costco. Traffic still backed up, even worse! Oh my!  "Turkey" was a creation of a lady at church this past Sunday. It was at the "Loving Table" where snacks are between services one and two.  I forgot to post it earlier, so now is a good time as any!

One advertised find at Bi mart were these stainless steel ware. I bought two sets for a total of $20.( Bought with cash!) I've been looking for replacement of old ones (of 36 years) These will work. A few old pieces are getting a bit worn (knife edges) and a few have been bent back into shape a few too many times. One more time may be it's last!  Thankful for finding these pieces!

Today was also support small business owners day. I did that as well when I shopped at Garden Gallery Iron Works, in Hubbard.  All items in store were 30% off, ornaments were 50% off.  I was good. The Santa is hand carved by someone in Cannon Beach. I couldn't pass this one up. Candle made with American Soy based wax, flavor is warm cinnamon buns. Smells so good I could eat it but I won't. I like the lighter scents. This has a glass cover on it as well. Orange Cranberry mustard (x2) made by Benedictine Sisters, Mt. Angel, Ore. Hand made mug, an original hand warmer mug.You can get ones that are left handed as well. This handmade at Clay in Motion Pottery Studio.  Snowmen coasters handmade and painted in America.  All these goodies for $48!!  Debit card. NOT CREDIT! I bought some for gifts and a bit for me! I'm not telling!!!!! Nope, won't do it!!!!

Close up of the Santa.

Dinner! Megan makes her own salad and there's the fun Coca Cola she's drinking.

Turkey pot pie I bought at Trader Joes yesterday ($6.99) and served green beans.  Megan had one without the beans. Mug is filled with freshly brewed iced tea!  Now I must clean up the kitchen. Then spend some time folding laundry tonight. Maybe reading some scripture to set my mind on church in the morning.  Then tomorrow, more rain will come and we are going to the Settlemier House for it's festivities of Christmas. I enjoy going there and taking photos. Have a great weekend my friends and thanks for visiting. As always, I enjoy reading your comments!  


Faye Henry said...

Sounds like you have been busy but having a good time.. Love the turkey.. What an idea and your food looks good too.. Enjoy your visit.. Blessings..

Kathy said...

You got some good finds there! I pay cash for everything since I don't have a credit card. When January comes I don't have the bills everyone else is paying off. Glad to see that you do the same thing.

aimee said...

Sounds like you got some very good deals (+ NICE items too) on the weekend! I will have to look for that orange cranberry mustard--sounds yummy!
I LOVE back roads too:)