Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Nite Moments

I wanted to share a couple photos with fall themes since it's nearing Thanksgiving. I bought the pumpkin and love in the mist dried flowers in Hood River last month. The pumpkin was outside but once it started getting too wet, with fog then rain, it went into the garage. It's best to keep it where it's dark and dry. I will cut it up soon.

Here's pumpkins on a stick in a vase with Love in the Mist dried flowers. In my kitchen. The pumpkins are still around. Most of the water is gone in the vase so its just looking like they are going to stay for awhile. Which I like!    Maybe it will be on our table at Thanksgiving and a candle or two.      I'm working on photos for another post. But have decided tonight that it's enough for now. I'm tired. Worked today. Had a long, good but tired day Sunday. Thought maybe I was coming down with a "bug" of some kind. A few people at work have been sick but so far, I'm ok. But I'm heading for bed for extra sleep tonight. Cooler weather here, 50 degrees days then to freezing or below at night. No wonder I want to hibernate, even though the sun is out this week. Last week was a chilly day on Thurs with the wind blowing. Fall is here with a hint of winter around the corner!     Right now, I'm thinking Thanksgiving.  Continuing to work on my daily list of thankfulness.  A few days ago, my list included....2 mountains visible on a clear, sunny, crisp day......3 horses in a pasture, looking at each other, sun mid-morning light illuminating the scene and frost still on the grass *didn't have my camera with me but in my memory bank of my mind's eye*.........long stringy clouds---contrails, due to wind-. nice in late evening, turning clouds to pink, while on my walk *before it got dark*....leaves drifting like snowflakes from trees in breeze.    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friends, in the USA.  "The Lord is faithful to all His promises & loving toward all He has made." Psalm 145:13

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