Monday, November 4, 2013

Multnomah Falls-Day 2

Our second day out, on our anniversary trip, we headed east toward Hood River. We stopped at Multnomah Falls after eating a delicious breakfast, as usual, at the Comfort Inn. This morning, I had strawberry waffles, and Phil ate the leftovers from our Chinese dinner from the night before.   Here's the mileage sign on railroad bridge at Multnomah Falls, after coming out of the tunnel that goes under I-84.

Beautiful Lodge where there's a gift shop and restaurant and rest rooms and a museum about the falls.

My husband, Phil, being a tourist in the photo, of where we've been.

Lower falls that show some fall colors.

the falls that I enjoy so much. I like to stop and see if they are still running! They always are. I've not seen them completely frozen yet.

Moss on a tree while we are on our way up to the bridge!

Engraving on the bridge.

Looking down from the bridge. For some reason I like to take shots this way. I don't even fall in although it gives me the sensation of falling when I look at this photo!
Further down where the water flows from the falls.

A side shot, with fall color.

Looking across the road and parking lot to the hills in Washington state.
A semi decent photo we got taken. First photographer took a photo of us without the falls behind us, which was a bit weird. So I looked for another man who looked like he could do a better job. It's ok, cuz that's what you get when you ask someone to take your photo!  The mist was heavy since there was alot of water falling. It was almost cold and wish I'd worn my hat. It's always fun to stop here and so fun to have Phil, my beloved, with me!  More of our trip coming next weekend!


aimee said...

I LOVE Multnomah Falls too! Lovely photos--makes me want to visit there soon while the autumn leaves are still pretty.
I must confess though, that bridge photo did me in---scary!!! :)

Karen Frost said...

Looks like a lovely place to spend the day with your sweet hubby! I just read an article in our Tacoma paper about Multnomah falls and I want to visit someday. Gorgeous photos and love the one of the two of you - so sweet. Hugs xoxo