Saturday, November 9, 2013

Summer Saturday Wedding

A couple months ago my daughter and I went to a dear friend's wedding.  We were so happy for Teresa.  Here's her daughter(left) with flower girl going up the aisle.  Funny thing, the little flower girl got up to the stage, turned around and then said, "Mommy, I have to go potty!" We laughed and then aww, we know it's bittersweet.

Dewey (left) and Cain, Teresa's sons, escorting her to the altar. (Dewey's wedding)
Newly wed..Teresa and Ray...Pastor that officiated the wedding, using an ipad. I remember the days when pastors used a Bible with the ceremony in the Bible. It's still done but it's a growing way to do things.

Leaving the church.

Outdoor reception. Flowers in an old fireplace.

Couple's cupcake and a cupcake tower. Oh so delicious looking but we couldn't have any yet. 

This is my favorite cupcake and I did get one later.

Table decor.....dahlia floating in water. Nice! Tis the season for dahlias.

Dinner is served. Pick your favorite.

I chose bbq salmon and salad and bread.  Little box had swedish fish candy. Ray is a fisherman! The salmon was so delicious. There was prime rib as well. I stayed with this meal.

Sparkling cider to toast the newlyweds with.

Teresa took a moment out to chat with me and let me get a photo of us together.

Ray and Teresa cutting their cupcake. Notice the melting icing on cupcakes. Not a good idea to have them in the sun. They were in the shade earlier.  I was able to get one on the cooler side!

Teresa and her daughter, Quanah.

Photo op, Megan with Quanah.

Megan and me!

Ray and Teresa and their rings.  Photographer pose, so I got a quick side shot.

The Cinderella Sydrome!

Ray and Teresa, the newlyweds, ready to leave.

They drove this dune buggy around the parking lot and to Teresa's house a few blocks away.

Squirt guns filled with water, no rice. Someone said "Teresa probably thought there would be no water left in the guns by the time they came out." Not so!

Off they go to a life of love and happiness.

Glasses all ready to be cleaned. Note a wasp inside one.    Note to self, when going to a wedding, take my better camera, not my point and shoot. I had to fiddle alot with this camera, especially indoors, to get good shots.  I was lazy and didn't want to mess with the bigger camera and I was sorry for that idea for sure!  Live and learn! 

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