Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tea and Mid Week Thoughts

I just got back from a walk around a few blocks with my dear husband. It is dark, leaves and pine cones on the ground, a slight breeze. It's nice to have a cozy coat to wear accented with a knitted hat and a pair of gloves. It was rainy and chilly today. A small tornado hit east of town, damaging a sheet metal roof on a waste water plant. A city worker came in to hardware store, where I work, to get some screws to fix the damage before more rain came. Someone else bought tarps. Sigh!     My son and his family are moving this week. So I will watch the grandchildren next day or so, while mom and dad clear out the garage that they've used for storage.  Moving big items next few days. Glad it's not  far for them to go.  So now, I feel the urge to drink a cup of tea and wind down for night approaches. Put away the cooling chili that we had for dinner. I made it in the crockpot, fixing it before leaving for work...and work on another blog post looms......stay tuned.  How is autumn in your neck of the woods?  (Texas mug is from my girlfriend. She brought it back for me when she was there a few years ago...she grew up there. Of course, it's my favorite mug!)


aimee said...

Cold and dark here, but mostly dry (Friday). The days seem so short now with the change to standard time.
Good luck to your kids with the moving:)

Karen Frost said...

Wow, a tornado! Seems those pesky things are turning up more and more in our neck of the woods the last few years, too. Enjoy your time with the Grandchildren - love your mug. xo