Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving at Phil & Becky's House 2013

Thanksgiving at our house was fun. A bit more quiet this year since there were only 3 of us. A tablecloth, candles and muffins await us at the table. Our son and his family moved recently and they wanted to be at home. They moved a few miles from their previous address.  We missed having them here with us. But that's ok.  Life moves on and we are good with it.Christmas is coming and we will be celebrating together!

Old Mill plate I had pumpkin muffins served from.

Silverware and napkin.

Megan with cranberry sauce. This year she didn't have to share it with her brother. But she did get the first spoonful!  They always fought over who got the ends. Now that we get it from Trader Joes, in a jar, there are no ends. It tastes better than canned. Sorry, Ocean Spray!

Potatoes Au Gratin I made from Pioneer Women Cookbook. It was yummy! Phil thought it didn't have enough cheesy taste inside. Sigh! Megan and I liked it....maybe next time I'll add a bit of cheese in the sauce.

Ham I heated up in the oven with pineapple.  Notice anything in the foto that's out of ordinary?

New plates I bought last fall. I finally washed them up last night. They've been hiding.

My dinner plate! Cup of tea. A bit eclectic about the cups but who cares? Fun! we had salad a bit earlier since meal was a bit later than we usually eat. Kept us from being too famished.  I ate the rest of mine at dinner since I was busy finishing things in the oven.

Hey, that's my pumpkin muffin. Get your own! (Megan made them yesterday.)

After we got the table cleared, I shut off the light. This is what I saw and I had to photograph candles in their beauty. I did some cleaning in the kitchen, then we went on a walk. It was about 48 degrees and sky was clear. 

Now we are playing Settlers of Catan. I am good at this one, even though it's been awhile since we've played.

It took awhile to play, but I wound up winning!  Megan was second! I couldn't believe I won over Phil! He almost always wins.

Megan wanted to try this ale that her brother gave her a few weeks ago.  Well, we both took a sip or two. We both decided the bottle was prettier than the taste. It tasted like burned black coffee! I'm not a coffee drinker at all! I quickly grabbed a few chips to get the taste out of my mouth and throat! TeeHee!  This is made in Oregon, Deshutes Brewery.

Later, I've decided to rest on the couch. Here's the massive amount of paper we got this a.m. in our paper box. It felt like it weighed 5 or 6 lbs, with all the ads for black Friday. 

These are my warm fuzzy boots I seem to wear indoors. There is fuzzy lining, top of inside is fake fur, sock part is Australian sheep wool. It keeps me nice and warm when temps go down outside. Heat's on in house but still there's a bit of chill in my person. I call them my fake Ugg.  I bought them at the Rack Shoe Room. Where my friend works. Love their shoes but I've only been able to wear one out of 3 pair I purchased.  I took the other two back. sigh!

This weekend I am going to work on making my Christmas apron. I've had this fabric for a few years. Always remember it when it's too late. But this year, I'm gonna see if I can really make it before Christmas.  I'm gonna do it this time!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. much to be thankful the ordinary and extra-ordinary!! Counting by one...see all that the Lord has done for us!!


Mom Of Many said...

Thank you for letting us stop by for a visit...such a blessing to see all that you did. I liked your fake Uggs...they made me laugh. And glad I didn't try to take the cranberry sauce from Megan -ha! Happy Thanksgiving from Phoenix!

Chivalrybean said...

It was by far not the best winter ale I've had. Probably not a good first one to try.

Hanna said...

Thank you for sharing your happy thanksgiving day. It is good to see you wearing fake UGG boots as l am Australian :)

Kathy said...

What a nice Thanksgiving you had. It's not how many people you are with but WHO you are with.

I love the apron. I hope you will post pictures when it is completed.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Everything looks yummy and I love your dishes and tablecloth! I love cranberry sauce, too - the Mr. and I can eat a whole bowl full at one sitting! Your apron is going to be cute and I love your cuddly boots. xo

Renee said...

Thank you for opening your home to everyone at Thanksgiving....I like your fake Uggs too....they sound so warm. I wear wool slippers and wool socks throughout the winter...keep me toasty warm. Hope you had a great celebration.