Friday, December 27, 2013

A Bit about our Christmas

It's a few days past Christmas. I've been behind all season! Since Christmas I've been tired due to not feeling well since early a.m. Dec 26. Didn't even make it to work Thurs; am tired today. Need.more.sleep.  Moving right along.....this is our Christmas tree before we 3 opened our presents late Christmas morning!  As you may notice, there is a cross in the tree. I made it from a few twigs from a tree. (It was an idea from "The Gift" written by Ann Voskamp.)

Phil brought this cute candy arrangement home from work. It was sitting on his work bench the day before Christmas! On front of the santa candy is written...Crisp Kringle! We've not torn it apart to eat it yet. It's still on the table!

New light to replace hanging lamp I got while back. This will be moved once I get my old desk out of here and new desk (we bought in Sept,which i've not blogged about yet) in the corner. I hope to get old desk almost cleared out over the next few days.

Megan got the Trisha Yearwood cookbook from us. She, in turn, gave me the Pioneer Woman cookbook. It's the third and latest edition. It's been so fun paging through it. I looked at it again today. Ree Drummond has some wonderful photography in her book. I know I will use many recipes from this book. I've enjoyed her other 2 so much. Me thinks I need to downsize my cookbooks by two, at least!

Two new mugs I received this year. One is full of M&M candy from my bff Tamara. Our son, Justin, and his wife,Erin gave us the family photo mug! I love it! I even drank my first cup of tea from it tonight at dinner! I've been drinking alot of hot tea lately. It's been so cold outside. It was about 35 degrees here all day. It was warmer on Mt. Hood than it was in Portland and (us) south of there. Cloud inversion!

Late afternoon purchase at Naturalizer.  I finally found my purple purse.......... like a burgundy color...close enough to purple. It has a few pockets. Good!  $35!  (Not leather but it's good. I'm not keen on spending big bucks for a leather purse.)  One pocket is big enough to slip my NKJV Bible in. Big enough to carry my Canon RebelT3. (just a different kind of camera bag at times!)  Learned a lesson last wedding. Point and shoot for me, no more!  Me and my big Canon work better. Just the facts ma'am! :0)  Now it's off to clean a few dishes and head for bed. For tomorrow approacheth and I will be ready to do a bit more shopping. Oh yeah, finishing my last few calendars to send in the mail to friends. Next week. Which also is 2014 in 4.5 days!!!! Hope it's a great one for all of you. Happy New Year! May God Bless You!



Teresa Kindred said...

Hope you feel better Becky! Take care of yourself! Lovely tree and cross!

Terri Tiffany said...

Looks like you had a nice Christmas! I can't bring myself to spend a lot on a purse either!!

Linda W. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Always great to hear from a fellow Oregonian. I'm now following your blog too. Happy New Year!

Teresa Kasner said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

Hi there! Teresa sent me on over to your blog to say hello! Love your Christmas fun. I have the same lamp only in pewter and I also got the same pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas! It's good to meet you and hope to be around more often.

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Becky! Teresa Kasner introduced me to your blog and I have been having fun reading back through some of your posts to get to know you better :) Your reaction to Nicaragua reminds me of my reaction to South Korea when God allowed my husband and me to go there in 1975 to adopt our oldest son. It was a life changing trip for us! My husband and I were married for 38 years before he died 4 years ago, so I can especially appreciate the many years you and your husband have happily shared :) Blessings to you and yours in 2014!