Friday, December 6, 2013

a chilly day

Not alot to report for weather. but it's been COLD, below freezing Thursday. Cannon Beach, OR has a smattering of snow and it's starting to come inland.  Albany has about 3 inches of snow. It's below freezing here, 28 degrees the last time I checked. 

So I'm fixing to get some things done since my day off. I made my to do list. One thing checked off....ordered ink for printer since it's getting low. Hard to print photos without it!  Got some photos printed out last night for my calendars.  Anybody interested in a giveaway for one? It's of my trip to Nicaragua!

Slept in late, which felt so good. I've been tired and not feeling the best most of the week. Glad I'm off today, one of 3 days I'm off work. Relaxing feels good. Except for annoyance of trying to order something on line then it wouldn't take my password that I just made. It was supposed to be easy. Didn't want to wait on tech support.  any longer.  So called store that was closest to me and had them take my order. Husband will go pick it up before he comes home. It's a few blocks from where he works. Sigh! Sometimes technology is just annoying! But not gonna let it bother me! Nope!  Gonna move on with my day and thank the Lord for the blessing of talking to a real person that is great at customer service.  Hugs and be back with you with photos of ............

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Kathy said...

It's cold here too, Becky. Below freezing and an ice storm headed our way.

Isn't it annoying to run out of ink? And it costs so much to replace it. I have to stock up again since I just put in my last cartridge.