Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hood River Highlights

In October, Phil and I went to Hood River for our anniversary get-a-way! Going through the photos was a task to pick out favorites to share with my readers. Sit a spell, grab a cup of tea (or coffee), don't spill it on your computer. Enjoy!  Here's the scene that greeted us at Rasmussens farms in Hood River.

The warty pumpkin I liked so much it ended up coming home with us. It's the sugar on the inside and pushes it's way thru the skin causes the warty look. Supposed to be delicious to make pies and a veggie lasagne!

Storybook themed area, using pumpkins and gourds. This one is the cat in the hat.

This sunflower was so loaded with seeds that I had to bend down and look up to get this photo.

The apples, pears, gourds and pumpkin that ended up coming home with us. I bought 33 lbs of apples, majority of them were Newton apple (green ones). I dehydrated them and they were delish! Jonathons we ate in our lunches.

Hand stamped towels. I almost bought a couple sets but decided not to. But they were unique.

Dahlias with a painted brick wall on a building.

Following morning after we ate our breakfast in motel, we headed to Western Aero and Antique Auto Museum. (WAAAM).We'd been here a few years ago. Wanted to go back since there was an outdoor function going on. They do it every 2nd Sat. of the month. Different themes each time.  BBQ lunch (not free).  I liked this old truck from Tillamook!

Airplanes with clouds in the background. It was a nippy day. Should have worn my hat or scarf. I left it in the car. Sigh! Too lazy to get it til later!

Cars and planes, every where you looked.  We were in a hanger that we'd not been in last time. It wasn't open then, about 5 years ago.

1951 Studebaker. What a stylish car! I enjoyed looking at the classics with style, each one so different. Not like the cars now that look so much the same.

Jet setting couple, plane to car!

A patriotic Hummer!

1955 Mercedes Gull Wing. Previous owner was Pat Boone. This looks like something you'd see in a James Bond movie!

Planes and motorcycles.

Crew of a bi-plane getting ready to move it outdoors. My husband was watching them level the wings.He didn't recognize the instrument they were using. He went around to see what it was. It was a leveling app on an Ipod! Old school, new school!

An interesting display of 3 sisters in Oregon that were in the Armed Forces. I enjoy these displays, even more so since I am an Air Force veteran. Many women paved the way to get us there. I appreciate them so much and thank them for sacrificing for us!

An interesting book I wouldn't mind owning. But it's a Time/Life book so not sure it's available any more. It's about women in flight.

I'm taking a ride in an old Ford fire truck, West Side (of Hood River). It goes to about 40 mph,then starts jumping around.
A photo of it from the side, when Phil was riding in it. The water tank is wooden.

Our BBQ lunch. I liked the little wooden airplanes for the table decor. It was good to be inside a bit. Chilly though.

Early afternoon, the biplane was rolled out. It would taxi across the grass. Notice Coast Guard helicopter in the background. It was doing training maneuvers. They go up to Mt Hood for search and rescue, when needed.
This man talked about what was going to happen with the plane. Man just left of his shoulder would be at the controls. He is a former pilot and is now 80. So with the club he's in there's a way to "fly" a plane when he's that age. It was interesting to watch. This plane was able to be running again thanks to a generous family that gives scholarships for antique planes to function again. They had a year to get it going and now it is almost there. Possibly fly it once approved by the FAA.
Another Old School, New School thing!  Bi plane and helicopter.  I'm thankful to be able to take this photo! What an op!

 I watched a portion of this movie while Phil was looking around. Maybe I can get this from the local library.

One last car,plane and horse photo. I'm not sure where the horses fit in but cool wooden ones for sure.
Delicious goodies I brought home. I gave the marmalade to my mom. She liked it.  We had a good time. Nice drive home late Sat. afternoon. It's so pretty looking at the gorge on the way home. I could have read but why miss out on all that beauty!  If only the rocks could talk. It's hard to find a spot to take a photo when you see something breath taking. It resides in my memory stick of my mind.      As I write this,post, I'm wearing my favorite heavy sweater over another 3/4 length sleeved shirt and a fleece blanket on my lap. Our weather isn't normal for Oregon. At 8 a.m. it was 12 degrees. Bundled up to head out to church. Phil put the final net lights out on our frozen rhododendron bush. Now I just have to remember where I put the timer. Sigh! I think it's with the Christmas lights that go with our tree. Up in the closet that will come down tonight when we decorate! I enjoy Christmas time so much.  Right now, it's 28 degrees. Will we have snow? Don't know!  Take care, thanks for stopping by and commenting!  God bless and have a great week!


aimee said...

Sounds like a fun outing! I love the Gorge and Hood River is one of my favorite places to visit (although it has been quite some time since I've been there now). I love antique cars and firetrucks--so stylish and interesting!
Mmm--apricot marmalade sounds heavenly!
Cold here too--although we have finally, thank God, gone above freezing. I am thinking a great Christmas gift, if we don't have snow, would be several days in the 50's (or dare I say--the 60's).
Advent Blessings,

Kathy said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation and you got a lot of goodies to bring home.

Wish I had been with you at that car/aircraft show. Loved seeing all your pictures, especially the helicopter through the wings of the biplane. Who sees that? Wow!

We are having weather like you are. Down in the teens and 20s and lots of snow.

Take care and have a good week.

Faye Henry said...

Such a fun trip.. Love those towels, too..

Beatrice Euphemie said...

What a great trip and so much to see! Love the moss topiary 'horse' in the first photo and those giant sunflower heads. That is an interesting bit of info about the sugar causing the warts on the pumpkin. I bought a big gray warty one this year and kept it on my table - I loved it! Waiting for it to rot so I can save the seeds to grow my own. You brought home some wonderful goodies.
The airplane and car museum is wonderful - all those antique planes and vehicles are amazing. They sure did have character.
My Dad was a Sargent the Army/Air Force based in the Aleutian Islands during the Korean war. Those were the best memories of his life and he always wanted to go back, but sadly never did. Thank you for your service.
We are just now coming out of our deep freeze. It was a balmy 41 degrees today! Got down to the teens at one point - brrrrr!
Hope you are enjoying this holiday season. Blessings to you and your family. Hugs xo Karen