Sunday, December 22, 2013

one special birthday

Birthdays are special. More so when it's my sweet daughter's birthday. The two of us went to Dennys for our late breakfast, on Friday, Dec. 20. Lots of people there just after 10 a.m.  We sit at the counter. Order our breakfast grand slams. Megan gets hers free!  Cuz it's her birthday! Not sure if I like sitting there since we see all the delicious food going by when we are hungry!  Food finally arrives, in usual time frame. I eat my 2 pancakes,  oatmeal,  2 eggs and 2 sausage. 2 cups of tea.

 As I'm sitting there, in the familiar surroundings, chatting with wait staff we've known over the years, a thought enters. It's a scene at the beginning of  a movie. A diner.  Talking. Eating. Then something happens to make life change. wait.? It's real life. Nothing drastically changes our day. heart is changing. How? By whom? None other than God.  My perspective in life has changed this year. I've seen brokenness in a 3rd world country, Nicaragua.  But I've also experienced their smiles and hugs and laughter.   

This advent season has drawn me closer to God in our daily readings. Jesse tree devotional. (The Greatest Gift) God has come to earth. He loves us so much.  A line from the root of Jesse,  king David's father. What a story.  Nobody's perfect.  God uses us where we are to reach out and touch people, in the ordinary days. For the good.  Changing lives, one at a time.  Nothing dramatic that is film industry worthy.  Just one life lived. Follow God's leading through my life. Seeking Him this Advent season. Where God came down as a babe, wrapped in a manger. No room in the inn. There's room in my heart for Him. Now.that'! 

What's that on the shelf as we drive into garage? It's a little nativity set from 1986. One Megan got when we still lived in New Mexico. A lady from church had given it to her. Megan forget to bring it into the house when she was searching for things in a box. It's now in the house.

Birthday Chocolate sheet cake and chocolate icing...all homemade. Megan got to eat some of it after she got home from work as a dishwasher that very night. She'd had a stressful work since dishwasher broke and she had to handwash for 2 hours til it was fixed. So delicious. You pour the icing over the cake, right out of the oven. Recipe by Ree Drummond, in her first cookbook! It is so good! I refrained myself from eating half of it!!!!

Bowl is one my mom had. This year I decided to decorate the table in front of our couch. Christmas ornaments in the bowl. New coasters for the season!   Merry Christmas! Hugs,comfort and joy!!!!


Beatrice Euphemie said...

Happy Birthday to your Dear Daughter, Becky! Thank you for the Christmas wishes and the lovely post full of gratitude and devotion. Wishing you and your family many wonderful blessings this Christmas and New Year! Hugs xo Karen

retriever said...

A happy birthday to your daughter,best wishes for a Merry Christmas Day , from Belgium

Louisette said...

Lovely post,merry Christmas day

gahome2mom said...

Happy Birthday to Megan. It's nice that she got to spend it with her Mom. And, Merry Christmas! The Christmas Bowl is lovely. Do you like snowmen too? It's one of the things that I like along with bears. :)

Hugs, Janet & family