Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Words

It's a chilly night. 24 degrees. Puddles in parking lot, where my daughter works, are frozen. No snow. Yet. Maybe Friday? I'm not holding my breath on that one.  Skies have been clear in the evening when I get off work. I can see the International Space Station in the southern sky. I thought it was a planet but it seemed too low in the sky.  It's bright enough.  I've been enjoying the changing scenes of fall. Nearly all trees stand leafless. My hydrangea has changed from maroon to brown. Stands withered, shriveled in the cold. 'Tis late autumn, heading to winter.  Christmas merriment comes in way of music. Cards arriving in mail already. Me scurrying to finish photo calendar project to mail out to family and friends. Soon.  Putting together our Jesse tree. Readying the ornaments to hang.  For our first year to read book "The Greatest Gift" by Ann Voskamp.  Different thoughts on Advent we've embarked on this year. I will share more with you later.  

Work at hardware store has been busy. Since it's cold there's faucet covers, weatherstripping, vent covers, heat lamps, heat tape, heaters (of all sorts) to be bought.  Christmas lights, tree stands, bolts to hold tree up in tree stand.   

I'm getting over some virus. Finally had 2 days in a row without a headache! Other people have had it. Some type of cold. Changed pain med helped. 

Til later in the week, take care and God bless!

(Images of autumn in my neighborhood--my hydrangea; heritage birch tree leaves in our lawn; and roses by a neighbor's house. Late Oct/early Nov).

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