Saturday, January 25, 2014

Desk Work

I purchased this really neat desk from Container Store in Sept. Phil and I went to the store after we'd watched our adorable grandchildren. I had another desk in mind but it wasn't worth my time. I kept looking, and liked this one the best. A bit more than I'd wanted to spend. But it's made from ash and it's solid. Phil said to get what I want, not settle for lesser and not be happy. So this desk came home with us. In a box.

This table I had for my desk for laptop. Not any more!

Table was moved (in Sept) and I vaccumed.....and see the roll top desk in the corner.....that's what's getting emptied out today! I thought about moving the bookshelf but, not today. That would be too much to conquer. It's still on the possible list for later.

This is the desk, a bit lighter since photo I took was too dark. You can see the levels of the desk. I am enjoying it. Granted, it is smaller than the other desk. Downsizing is the word of the year and less mess. Organization, another word of the year. Always keeping on top of messes....less messes that is!

Two drawer systems I bought at different yard sales. The drawers on the left had stamps and pads and paper in them as well. I paid a bit more than I wanted for the drawers. But the rubber stamps are unused, new, from Stampin Up. I wish to get rid of them as well. Maybe Craiglist. or does anybody want them? For sale!  I can post photos later...just never have. A good deal...package wise.  But I'm working on my desk today. The drawers on the right are behind me, with fabric and sewing tools in it. Drawers on left are by my desk now, with some things from old desk. So I will show you what it looks like once it's all done. So stay tuned.-----------I should be enjoying the outdoors today with the sun. But that's gonna have to wait. I finally feel like doing this. And moving on to the next project. Take care and have a great weekend! What are ya all up to? Hugs! <<>> 


Kathy said...

What a pretty desk! I want to see the after pictures when you get a chance to post them. My sister gave me a desk about four years ago and I still haven't gotten it set up where I want it. This is a must do goal for this year!

Betsy said...

That is a very pretty desk and I look forward to seeing the pictures when the job is done! It's always such a good feeling to get organized isn't it? I've been doing the same thing recently. Just trying to make things look a bit nicer.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

I love your new desk, Becky - it is just the right size and very pretty. It is so nice to get things organized - I have been feeling the same urge lately. Have fun getting things in order - it always makes you feel so good afterwards when you know exactly where everything is.
Hugs xo