Sunday, January 19, 2014

Early Christmas dinner with mom

Phil and I were with my mom Francis early Dec. for a Christmas dinner. It's put on by nursing home where my mom lives. The general staff were servers of food and served the residents. It's the 5th time I've been able to celebrate with her. It's always a fun time with delicious food. We pay $5 per person, as visitors. It's all donated to Ronald McDonald House. This is such a good photo.

Mom and Santa (who always gives all residents a stocking with goodies).  I gave my mom this necklace that lights up. She enjoyed it. I had one as well. I gave mine  to one of mom's 2 room mates. She was happy to have one as well!

Decadent cherry filled cheese cake. It was so good!

The parting shot. There's just too many pretty items at Christmas time.  It was good to spend time with mom. She loved having us there, especially Phil. He doesn't visit often since I go visit when he's working.       On a side note, more Dec. activities to come. I was planning on more photos on this post. But tiredness overcame me this afternoon. I slept for nearly 2 hours. So stay tuned and hopefully my energy level will be up and going later this week. I'm still rebounding from my flu bug, it takes over a week to get thru it, sometimes more. We helped with children in Sunday School this a.m. Our usual class time was different since room we use wasn't available today (due to funeral dinner yesterday and one tomorrow. Partitions are heavy to take down and put back up.) So we helped the children make necklaces, with beads and colored noodles. I wound up on the floor, cleaning up a bit and helping tie was all good. I think maybe that's what tired me out. More than I usually do on Sunday mornings. But it's all good!   If we'd get some sunshine in here, I think my energy would soar higher. Too many days of fog and cold temps makes for a dreary week. It will get better eventually! I thank God I can function at all!  One foot in front of the other. Own your game each day! Take care and have a good week, my friends.


Kathy said...

How nice that the nursing home does Christmas for its residents. Everything looked so pretty and I'm sure your mom appreciated you and Phil being there.

I'm with you on these dark, gray days. I am so looking forward to sun and warm weather. But I guess I will have to wait because the forecast is for 6 inches of snow tomorrow.

Betsy said...

Everything looked so pretty at the dinner with your mom. How nice that the facility does something so nice for the residents.
I hope you're soon up and about and feeling MUCh better.

Linda W. said...

Nice photo of you and your mom! Looks like a fun day.

aimee said...

I struggle with dark, foggy, cloudy, overcast days too. I hope today was a nice sunny one for you and that you are feeling better!
That first photo is wonderful--so nice that you were able to have an early Christmas dinner with your mom:)