Sunday, January 5, 2014

January is Here!

A new year is upon us now. The newspaper celebrates it in their header. What will this year bring for me and my family?  What am I going to do differently?  Old year has gone. I always come up with ideas to get myself more organized and stay organized. I have little sticky notes I can add on my laptop which is helpful. I just need to do the project!  Such as: writing anniversaries and birthdays on this year's calendar, so bad about that in 2013 and missed a few birthdays!  Clear out my old desk, re-organize my new space. And the list goes on. Same stuff as last year.

This year I want to find a few things to go to each month in the area. So I pulled this section from the Statesman Journal. I went through it and found a few events I'd be interested in. One I can't go to because it's a day I work. Another one is later in the day when I work (see the little underline there under Dorothy?) A possibility, but I already have a women's Bible study to go to in the a.m. before heading to work. I usually don't go but my friend, Arlene, who's been to Rwanda asked me to come and see her power point presentation! I am able to go,thanks to my boss allowing me a couple hours off in a.m.! Nice!   Another event I can go to on my day off!  Am looking for a pow wow too, I think it's in Jan or Feb. Not sure what month. A photographic must. I went  to one a few years ago and enjoyed it. It was my first. 

Mid afternoon on Saturday, I was in Wilsonville. Shopping at Fred Meyer. This is the scene when I came out to parking lot. Pink clouds. Building to left is McMenamins. It was so pretty.  Then went on a walk in the chilly evening with Phil. I made a cod omelet. Dip cod in milk then Panko bread crumbs, while still frozen, cook cod on one side, turn over and pour remaining milk with 2 eggs, seasonings and Panko bread crumbs over the fish. Cook with lid on for 5 min or so. Served with left over stuffing from New Years day and mixed veggies. I've done this before and it works. Guess after all these years of cooking I'm pretty good at coming up with my own recipes.                                   Now my friends, let's do our best in this New Year...for our family, friends, church, work, community....spreading love, cheer, Jesus, where'er we go.  What can I enable myself to reading a few more books, knit a bit, memorize scripture, start a new Bible study with friend Tamara, sew granddaughter her quilt finally this year and my elusive Christmas apron, get my photos organized and into files and off my computer???  I now have 2 years worth, maybe 3!  ARG! All it takes is time and that's what I need to stop losing. Do 1/2 hour here and there and then it will be done!  My house, same thing. Finally going to talk to my painter friend today. Have him come look and give me a quote to paint our living room. Then my photographs will be hung after they are matted and then framed in black frames. Already have the slight off white paint to go for the walls.  My goal this year----first quarter of the year! Then get our house re-roofed this summer.  We've started a list of scheduled vacation days. Through to at least June, and tentative August.  It's hard to plan that far in advance.  This year I wrote it all out on paper! Now I will enter some of the firm dates on the calendar!     Have a good week, my friends! God's blessings to one and all. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed your comments!   :0}


Camille said...

Oh have LOTS of plans for the coming year! It always feels good to get some dates on the calendar...I agree. Happy New Year to you! Camille

Betsy said...

Hi Becky,
It was great to read your blog today and learn a bit more about you. Hopefully we can all meet you next time I make it to Portland. Great New Years plans!

Kathy said...

Oh, Becky, I wish I were as organized as you. I don't even have plans. Yes, I need to write things on my calendar also and get some pictures off of my computer, and get my downstairs painted. Those are all good goals.

The sunset was beautiful.