Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spending Time with Grandchildren

This adorable Webkins snowman was found in the closet while looking for Christmas items. It was in a bag from a pharmacy/gift store. From a few years back. I'd bought it to give to Melody but it some how got buried. But it's going to be leaving the house soon and into the arms of a happy little girl!

Owen's 3rd birthday was coming up so I wrapped his present from grandma and grandpa. I took both gifts when I stayed with them early in Jan. Their mom and dad went to see the second Hobbit movie, mid afternoon. We had a good time.

Owen enjoys his trains. As you can see the end of the track is at end of table. Train fell off the cliff a couple of times. On purpose. Then we moved it onto the floor so no more wrecks would happen, cliff-side anyway!!

I helped Melody with a little game (on her game system) she got for Christmas. Lovely graphics. Alot of reading that she couldn't do. She reads but not enough to get through the game by herself. It was the first time she'd played the game. We had a good time with it for awhile.

I decided to take them for a walk since it was a nice afternoon.. Sunset was upon us and it was getting chilly.

Back inside, we ate dinner. Then I let Owen open his gift. He loves Angry Birds! This was a fun lunch box I got at Old Navy. Put some children's gardening tools and gloves inside.

Melody loved her Webkins snowman. Later at bed time she let her stuffed elephant meet her snowman for the first time (she said)!!

Owen on his little bicycle. He loved the gloves. Looks like a little motorcycle man to me!  I got them to bed after giving them both a bath. I started reading them a story and then I heard some bumping around in the other room. Then Mom and Dad came in as I finished. The children went to sleep pretty quick. It was a fun time.  This is at their "new" duplex. They like being on the ground level, nobody above them. A fenced yard. Quiet! ***********************Thanks for the kind comments. I am feeling better finally. The sun came out Monday, which was lovely and it was out Tuesday. Still quite chilly though.. I even went on a walk with Phil on Monday after dinner. It may be dark but there's street lights. I'm feeling more energized!  Hurrah!   Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments.


Anonymous said...

What cuties Owen and Melody are! Glad to hear you are feeling better and that your area has finally broken out of the fog :-)

Linda W. said...

Your grandkids are adorable!

Betsy said...

There is absolutely nothing better on this earth than spending time with our grandchildren. It looks like your had a wonderful time!
So glad you're doing better.

Kathy said...

Your grandkids are so cute. It looks as if they had a lot of fun with you.

Jan said...

Adorable photos of your grandchildren... you are so blessed to have these memorable times.