Tuesday, February 11, 2014

oh me oh my thoughts tonight!

I intended to work on a post tonight with photos. I got off work, ate dinner at Subway. Even though I didn't have wifi connection,  I read 2 devotions on my Kindle (One Thousand gifts devotional,  by Ann Voskamp). Read all the emails I could that got me caught up with blogs I've not read, no pictures with no wifi, sigh!  So my next plan was to go to Walmart and get a few things.  I did that and ended up talking to my friend Charissa for a while.  Half an hour!? Oh my, but it was not busy. Unless you count all the pallet loads of merchandise that came by us. One was in the way so I couldn't put the ham back easily. I had to toss it across the open meat cooler to its proper slot! Score!  Decided against ham for now, watching intake of processed meat. Came home, crashed on the coach and watched the Olympics with Megan.  Bright pink ice skating outfit was too much on the eyes.
So, I'm headed to the kitchen to make iced tea for work. My last day til next week, taking Thursday as a vacation day, before my birthday.  Because I can!!!        Road construction continues tonight.  Some dips have been fixed due to snow. There are two new holes I hit tonight. Not sure how lon I will have to avoid them. Pounding of pavement to break it, cones to avoid in the dark. I'm usually through town before it's going on at night.  I'm wearing earplugs tonight.  Rain has washed all the snow away!  Bible memory work coming along fine.  So will be back in a couple days, sharing something fun! Hugs, blessings and prayers, my friends!!! 《♡》 《♥》


aimee said...

I have this GREAT picture in my head of you tossing that ham back into place:)
Have a blessed day!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Sounds like a plan! Hate those potholes. Our town is so small, it takes forever to get them fixed. Love the snow photos in your previous post. Snow is pretty, but glad it is gone. I much prefer the warm temps we have now. It has been in the 50's the last couple of days. Can't complain. xo Karen