Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Finally Arrived!

The threat of snow proved real when it snowed on Thursday afternoon, sideways. I drove home in the dark and snow covered streets. It was do-able! This photo is of our front door on Friday mid morning.

Our house.

Arborvitae and rhododendron bush out front.

Fast forward to Sat around 5 p.m.

Neighbor's fence and sculpted tree.  That's all for right now. I just got photos uploaded from SD card. Just finished eating chocolate ice cream and now I'm watching Olympic pairs ice dancing (Did you watch the opening ceremony last night? Amazing!) . Today I did laundry, made lunch and dinner.....cooked up spaghetti sauce for a few meals after dinner. I'd already had some hamburger cooked tonight then what I didn't add to the macaroni, I added Prego spaghetti sauce and mushrooms and spices. It smells so good.  I put suet out for the birds before I came in late afternoon. A big robin came hopping into our lawn, picked at the leaves by our garage door. Hopped up onto an old clothes line. Would he take the suet bait? Wait for it.  Nope, he flew away!   Tomorrow we will stay home from church as it's gonna be icy. Later afternoon,  Megan and I might venture out to get a few groceries. Her dad put tire chains on her car this afternoon, in case she had to go to work.  I'm getting low on a few items and not sure how Monday will pan out. Our hardware store closed early yesterday at 2 p.m.  Today it was open 2 hours this a.m.  That is unusual for our town. But I'm enjoying the snow. I got caught up on desk work. New desk is in new spot. But there's much work to do. That's par for the course when things get changed around. I'll be back with more photos of snow and desk re-organization! Thanks for stopping by. I've enjoyed the comments! Happy Weekend!
This is a Google enhanced photo! Photo copyrighted....Becky Lowmaster 2014


Betsy said...

Isn't the snow crazy? I'm laying in bed listening to the ice pellets hit the window and praying the power doesn't go out. I don't know when ai'll get home next week, but it may be the weekend by the looks of things! So much for escaping snowy Spokane by coming to zportland. It's just as bad here!!!

aimee said...

Love that snow covered pom pom tree and fence! Pretty! And what a cool snow effect!
LOL. Last night I had a DQ blizzard. Isn't it crazy how we crave frozen treats when surrounded by snow:)
I missed the opening ceremonies to the Winter Olympics, but did watch the snowboarding and ice dancing tonight at my dad's.
I am hoping all of us have an easy transition out of this wintry's been quite the challenge with our home, but I did LOVE the beauty of it all.
Blessings + safety,
PS: I use Prego too...small world.

Linda W. said...

I'm loving the snow down here in the valley! No need to drive to the mtn to get my skiing fix! :)

Faye Henry said...

Lovely photos, Becky.. You do have a lot of snow and I hope you all enjoy it.. xo

TamaraB said...

Love the pix! Snowing effect is very nice : ) I got stuck in our drive way so we just stayed home and enjoyed the view. So pretty!

Janet Coffield said...

Pretty! We might get some snow tomorrow. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday early. :)