Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spiderweb Lace on Wednesday

Back in Dec. we had a week of freezing temps. Nothing to show for it but cold Then one last morning, Thurs, 12/12/13, we woke to frost that made spiderwebs into lace. I was looking out the front window and Phil was coming out from the other room. I told him to come see the sight!  Pretty! Even though I had to work that day, I couldn't let this natural beauty leave without capturing something in memory. I pulled on my heavy coat, a pair of sweatpants instead of jammi pants, boots, and off I went outdoors. This first web is under the garage eaves.

Dried leaf on lilac bush! Frost was everywhere!

Spiderweb lace on an arborvitae to the side of our house.

Rhododendron bush.

Frozen plants in front of hydrangeas.

Spiderweb lace on garbage can.

Spiderweb lace on Heritage birch tree.

Ice on my derelict garden space. It looks like a monster!  I went back inside just after Phil left for work. I had to eat breakfast and get ready and leave for work as well. I enjoyed my time outdoors!  Refreshing crisp morning! A few hours later it was all gone. Except in my memory card! Smile!!! Hope you enjoyed the frozen morning through my lens! Hugs, my friends!


Linda W. said...

Frosty spiderwebs are so cool! Great job for getting out there and capturing some photos.

Camille said...

Oh Becky...that spider web lace is absolutely stunning! Isn't God's handiwork just glorious!! What Heaven must be like...we cannot even comprehend it! Many Blessings to you, Camille

Becky L. said...

Thanks for commenting. I just couldn't believe the frost on the spiderwebs. Truly something to remember and share since it's not seen much. Enjoying God's world for sure, Camille. Linda, I am one of those people that just gotta have that photo! :0)