Friday, March 7, 2014

Busy Friday

A day off, not working,  but there's always work to be done. Wash bedding, dry bedding in the a.m. Check my email. Take shower. Fold clothes from last night's laundry, which almost
stayed in dryer all night. Had turn heat down, oops, then remembered clothes.  Make bed with clean sheets. Packed bathroom bag, clothes bag. Made a quick little sandwich for Megan.  She got called in to wash dishes at work. I wound up doing more in my kitchen since I didn't know when she'd get back. Sigh! And a pita sandwich for my lunch. Hot tea, need my caffeine!   Beautiful day for a drive to Newberg. 73 degrees, sun and a few fluffy clouds. Now I'm relaxing a bit in motel room. Head for dinner earlier than usual. Meeting tonight at Faith and Culture Writers Conference. Tomorrow all day meeting. Early rise is in the works so hope I sleep well tonight. My room overlooks someone's backyard. Looks like a comfy place. Hoping to meet up with a blogger friend, Alia! She mentioned this conference in a blog post and I decided to go as well. Looks like great sessions to choose from.

This week has been wet and windy. Wednesday night the rain poured, wind blew and into the mid morning. Tree fell in a small town close to us. It took out a power pole with electric lines sparking and hissing as they fell over the road. Main road closed into late night. Power restored.  What a mess!

The weekend is upon us. Be safe, have fun and enjoy the days ahead. Hugs and blessings! 


Betsy said...

It does sound as if you had a busy day. I hope your conference is good and the weather is cooperating too. I'm sure enjoying the warmer weather. It will be nice to meet you in a couple of weeks for lunch with the girls.

Becky L. said...

The writers conference was great. There was rain throughout the day but didn't rain hard when we were outdoors. I was inspired and blessed.