Friday, March 21, 2014

In which I share life and bingo

Right now the sun is shining thru the curtains onto my laptop and my hands. It's a quiet morning. Phil is enjoying his time at Game Storm.  I'm feeling blah from my continued tooth problem. I have a root canal appt on Monday a.m. Phil is going with me. I am not driving home. I've done it once before and I hated every minute of the roads, fearing an accident in some shape or form. {didn't happen}. Dentist had filled me full of med minus me telling him not to=feeling yucky! {Won't do that again!}   I can't wait for all this bad, low level energy, pain filled days to go away! I slept pretty good last night even though I didn't take Aleve. Pushed the envelope to see how far I could get without it. So far, no pain med. Will take it if it starts hurting.  

 I've got some issues right now with my mom wanting to move from nursing home where she's at into assisted living. My sis and I don't agree and we are trying to put a stop to this. Various reasons come into play. She still has to be assessed by a couple different people. Power of attorney, which I have, means nothing to them. Being on meds for dementia and depression don't seem to stop them. Moving someone at 90 years of age is asking for problems! The battle isn't over yet! If it's not on thing, it's something else in life. But God is there is the midst. 

 Moving backwards to a few Saturdays ago, I met up with a co-worker to play bingo at a local fire hall, a few miles away. It was fun. She came with her sister, daughter-in-law and dau-in-law's mom. We all sat at a table with co-workers mom and dad.   Here's a few pics I took on my cell phone.

Our table and snacks we got at a break. Two bingo cards for $15. I put myself on a budget. Didn't bid on any silent auction items.

We were in the bay of fire dept. Fire trucks were outside. There was a call that came in. One of the girls at the table said, "Does that mean the firemen are coming thru here?" Of course it would be cool if they did. They didn't. Sigh! 

View that the bingo blotter cap can see from where I was sitting!

Our last game of the night. We bought more cards. Prize was a two night stay at a nice hotel on the coast!  I didn't win. Neither did anybody at this table.  I helped girl at right since she had 10 cards! It was fun, though. I spent $19, consumed $2 of it (water and Fritos) I didn't win a thing even though I got close a few times. Sigh! Good thing I ate b4 I came. Funds were raised for new bathrooms in the little town. Half of the funds were given away in a 50/50 give away. So they raised, with bingo cards $80. It's a start. Fun night was had by all!  B4! (what) B1(but I don't wanna be 1 or 13). Met up with people I knew as well. Gotta get out and have some fun. It's been years since I've played Bingo. Now it's off I go! Good day! Happy Weekend!


Kathy said...

Oh, Becky, I sure hope that root canal does the trick for you. Tooth pain is the worst! I'll be praying for you.

Glad you had a chance to get to play Bingo. My mother-in-law does it every Monday night.

Linda W. said...

Love your new header photo! Almost tulip time again.

Betsy said...

It was too bad you weren't feeling well. We missed having you at lunch today. Oh well, maybe next time. Good luck with the root canal. I've had a couple and they weren't painful at all. I hope yours goes as smoothly.