Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Water my Thoughts!

Just yesterday, I had an appointment with a specialist for a root canal. I was sitting in the chair.
 While I was becoming numb, I had a chance to look out through the big window onto Mill Creek. flowing by. I watched it then would look up on the grassy bank with trees. Watch birds eat. Watch a squirrel go from a branch on ground. half way skitter up the branch. stop. look around. go into ivy on tree. I looked back into the quickly flowing creek.  If I watched it too long then look back up the bank, the bank and trees moved....what?
Then I realized the movement of the water was playing tricks on me!
But the creek was fascinating.
 I thought how important water is for us. We need it to quench our thirst. drink it for good health. We use it to bath in. water plants. water our lawn. cook with. ride boats on it. fish. swim. enjoy walking along the ocean beach. extinguish fires with it.
Water holds life within it. fish. octopus. sharks. whales. plankton. amoebas. tadpoles.

  But it's also a hazard. Too much rain brings floods that wash away homes. creates land slides.
 You can drowned in it.
capsize your boat you were fishing in.
Wash away your very livelihood.

 Just as I was thinking of all the bad things I remembered that Jesus is the living water.
The water we drink will need drunk again since we thirst.
But the water Jesus gives us will not make us thirst. The water will become in us a spring of water welling up to eternal life......John 4:13-14 (some is my words)......interesting as well is the fact that both offices have water close by. One has a creek while the other has a fountain. Refreshing! Relaxing!
Yes, Jesus is all that! He refreshes our souls and can help us relax. He did it while I was at the appt. Amazing how prayer helps! 

 By the way, the root canal was done with no pain. The dentist and hygenists were great. I had a famous star hamburger (at Carl's Jr) with my husband before we left for home. I smooshed the whole thing down before I pulled it out of the wrapper. It took me a bit longer to eat but it was fine. By the time we finished, my lower left lip awoke. Phil said he could see the change. One Aleve after lunch helped me through the afternoon. One before bed, with water,  to help pain stay away and sleep. Today I'm better. Again took an aleve with water this a.m. at work. Made it through the day with minimal pain.
Good day or night. Now I'm off to make tea from hot water to relax and refresh myself! :0}

**Photo is Pacific Ocean near sunset at Seaside, OR**


Linda W. said...

Nice photo! Glad your root canal went well and you are on the road to recovery.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

I'm so glad that you are finally free of that awful tooth pain, Becky! I love your thoughts on water - it can be life-giving, but also life-taking. It is a divine force! Lovely photos. Love your blog header! xo Karen

Betsy said...

So true! I enjoyed your words today Becky. I am so glad I know the refresher of my soul and the giver of all life. Your tulip farm and Seaside photos are gorgeous. The root canal sounds as though it went very well. The two I've had we're relatively painless and the relief afterward was wonderful. :-)

Kathy said...

What a nice post! Glad you are finally rid of the tooth pain. I have had so many root canals. They are a nusiance, but when finished they are wonderful. Thanks for the reminder about our "living water". So powerful, but so refreshing.

Becky L. said...

Yes, I'm glad the root canal is over and less pain each day. I need to get a crown put on it next month. Sigh! The water idea was just something that came to mind while doing nothing. Glad it something that touched your hearts, Karen, Betsy and Kathy. I'm grateful for your comments! I know my blog is worth the effort to someone besides me! God bless you all! ♡

Camille said...

Aw, Becky...root canals are no fun! So glad your experience was relatively good. Yes, there is so much to consider about water...interesting! How precious our Saviour is!! I am thankful for the Living Water He is to His people. Happy weekend to you! Rest well. Hugs, Camille