Friday, April 25, 2014

Baking and Organizing in One Day (Archived Post)

Twas the day before Easter in the room where I cook, I pulled from the freezer, pie crusts I'd made from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook. Although they were from November, they looked pretty good. So I opened some cans of pie filling and baked up some delicious food!

The cherry pie filling appeared to have more liquid than I liked so I didn't use all of it from the first can. I used 2 cans of cherry pie filling.  The pie crusts were flattened onto a cookie sheet and filling put over the crust.

Apple pie I used only one can of filling and added cinnamon.  The pie crust was then folded over the filling. Dots of butter added. Baked in the oven. While baking I did some organizing.

I enjoy my basket for keeping tea and napkins in. But since had an empty tin from European cookies I'd bought close to Christmas, I found a good use for it. Stash my tea in it!

I've put a divider in the tin to separate the caffeinated teas from decaffeinated tea. I used portion of a tea box for divider.

Boxes of tea in background and foreground is tea in the box. All arranged nicely. Some I put upside down so they'd fit in better. I had about 100 tea bags in there to begin with. Some of them are in between rows so they would fit. On the outside of the box, I put a piece of masking tape for identification....Tea Bags, It's on the edge where you open it and it will be to the front, where we can see the labels.  During all this the pies were done as well.
Here is the final result of the baking. We had the cherry pie for Easter dessert after dinner with family. The other one we kept, not like the give away that I did at Thanksgiving where I didn't end up with any for us! (But we got a pumpkin pie from my sister then.)

 This post has been archived for awhile. 2013 Easter!  It was time to bring it out of hiding!  I still have the tea in the red box. I am also on a little time off so I thought it would be the best time to bring out this side tracked post.  If you wish me to share with you the recipe of the pie crusts, I will do so. If you have a Pioneer Woman cookbook, it's in the first cookbook. {I now have all three!} Take care and have a great weekend!


Betsy said...

Great post Becky. I laughed when I read the end where it said it was archived from last year. I wondered when I saw the pie crusts dated November 2012. :-).

Kathy said...

I have all three cookbooks also. My husband loves her mac and cheese. I love making pies that way. I call them "rustic tarts". So much easier than putting them in the pie pan and every bit as good.