Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oregon Winter Wonderland!

We experienced snow in Feb. I've shared some photos with you. These photos are from my cell phone Feb. 9. Since my daughter had chains on her tires, she drove us to church. I sat in the back seat and took photos. This house is close to us. {Later we found out that the new tires Megan's car has are slightly larger than old tires. That's why Phil had trouble putting the chains on!}

Turning the corner and stopping! This is to our left but we headed straight. In the slush, ice, snow. My husband was game to go so we went! I went along for the adventure. Church was open to those who wanted to venture out!

Dutch Bros was open, but we didn't stop!

Parked at church! Sigh of relief of safe drive to church, Megan did well.

Matt leading worship music. Krista, to the right, his wife, has got computer running for music on cell phone! It was a good time. Third service, biggest one of the morning! Jesse, pastor, said they would rethink issues about open church on snowy Sundays. We heard Miriam speak about her work as a missionary in another land. I've known her since she was a baby! Lovely young woman with a heart for reaching other for Him.

On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store, much to Phil's dismay. He doesn't like shopping. But it was good to have him along with me, helping me pick out a few things so we could be out of the store quickly! I'd not  gone out on Friday or Sat since the snow was so deep and I didn't want to drive in it. There are such crazy drivers in the snow!  Here's a bright colored building on our way home, that is contrast to the snow!  Speaking of crazy drivers, Megan almost hit someone at off ramp,from interstate...they were supposed to stop and we had a green light. He wasn't even watching the lights! Sigh! He finally let us go! Crazy!

Fast forward to that evening. I was gonna stay home. I had asked Phil what we were going to do for dinner. He said he was all for walking to Arbys. Really? Ok, I said, grudgingly!   Down the street on sidewalk. Finally figured out how to walk without falling down. Then it became more fun.  A few other restaurants were closed. Arby's wasn't very busy at all. Mall was closed.  From the window I saw this bush that looked like a frosted donut!! We went out the side door by drive thru to get this photo. (Sorry for quality of this one.....should have taken another one, but it was so cute!)

Hello, may I take your order?  Snowman built by the workers since they were bored.

Going home, this is the scene.  It was easier to walk, slushy. Phil said it was because we weigh more since eating so the weight presses the snow down better....yeah, right! :0}

My shadow, foot and snow!

My heart I made on Saturday through the window and screen from inside my warm kitchen. My daughter said the birds came up to it and looked around, walked inside the heart.  I took the cans and bottles out of the snow on Monday.  I went to work on Monday with my co-worker, Mike G. since he lives a few blocks away. I didn't want to drive. But it was good. Melted all by Tues. It was nice while it lasted.  Now we just have rain and mud and wind and sunshine then rain and wind again.....weather cannot seem to make up it's mind!  I hope the tulip field is doing ok with all the wind! Take care!


Betsy said...

I remember that snow, I was there! People were really excited about it. Spokane looks like that all winter so at first I couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. :-)

Great pictures Becky.


Linda W. said...

Yep, how soon we forget! Snowy memories.

Becky L. said...

I know, there are places that get this much snow or more. But here in the Willamette Valley, it's rare to get 12" of snow! I enjoyed it and take the opportunity to go out and take photos! So it is a big deal for us. Then it's gone!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Snow is really pretty, but not much fun to drive in! Love your photos - the covered wagon is great! We didn't get much snow this year, just lots of rain - broke the all time record for March. Love your header with the tulip field! xo Karen

Camille said...

It's like that when it snows here, too. It's a novelty. :) I enjoyed your stories about getting around in it and going out to eat in it. Yes, I suppose you would be a little heavier on the walk home from dinner out. LOL! :) Hugs, Camille