Thursday, April 10, 2014

Selfie and Daughter

I popped into the Wooden Shoe Tulip farm today, on my way back from a dentist visit. Met up with my daughter, who has been working there this year. It was a beautiful afternoon. I was tired, since I worked 4 hours. {It was also Abby's pizza/Subway lunch at work today.} Then my mouth a bit tweeked from dentist visit. Tooth has a temporary crown on it. It will be installed in about 3 weeks. I didn't roam. Just enjoyed the beauty for half hour. {I have a season pass} Left and came home. Rested. {Yes, there's a mud puddle in the row between us} Tomorrow I'm planning another trip to tiptoe through the tulips with my Canon camera and tripod. Until next time, happy tracks where'er you roam!


Terri Tiffany said...

Don't you love selfies? So nice you could stop by and visit with your daughter. But sorry about the dentist visit. I fear them more than anything in the world I think. Just had a rootcanal. Not pretty. Hope you get tons of writing done today!

Linda W. said...

Cute shot of you and your daughter.

Faye Henry said...

Wow that will be amazing!! I can't imagine .. We still have so much snow.. smile.. Another month or so and we should have tulips.. Looks like you had fun, though.. xo