Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Easter 2014

Our family got together at our house on Easter, early afternoon, after church. Justin, Melody and Phil are biding their time before the meal by playing a game.  There's always a game going on in our house.

Owen decides he's not gonna hide from grandma and her camera any more!

Roaster potatoes from yeterday's Seder/Passover meal at church.  We had lots leftover and we brought a couple packets home. We ate one this Easter. It was as good. Again!

We are eating and this is the table, not sure why I didn't get one of my plate.....boneless roast, salad and roasted potatoes.

Jelly beans and my egg decor!

Grandchildren doing their 'Walk and Shake' dance they came up with!

Melody looking for eggs that dad and grandpa hid in living room.

Owen checks out the inside of an egg!

Looking for eggs in the couch. That's one way to get the underside of cushions cleaned out! HA! No money!

Melody and Owen with funny bunny masks Aunt Megan bought them.

After the egg hunt, the grandchildren did some coloring while 4 of us played a game.

The chairs were what we gave them for Easter. Melody was happy with hers and said...hey we could take these to the beach!

Playing Love Letters card game. I didn't win but I did pick up on it fast.

The tulips in bloom on Easter! The front ones were Megan's pick and the other ones are my favorites.   Next week I hope to get post done of the Seder/Passover the day before Easter. Our Bible class at church put it on with all of people helping. So stay tuned!

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aimee said...

Melody and Owen are quite adorable! Cute dance :)