Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Tasks

Today was a stay home and get things done day. Wind prevented college grad photo shoot my daughter wanted to do. So we watched an hour of programming on Food Channel Network, like we usually do Sat. a.m....that is if we aren't out running around, or slept in.  After lunch, Phil and I planned our monthly Bible school lesson, which starts this Sunday. Then I finally got around to packing up Precious Moments. This is the nativity set I've had up too long. Not getting rid of it. Just need it boxed up because we are getting the living room painted last part of the coming week! There are 3 angels that aren't Precious Moments, with backs to camera, that usually are with the nativity set, cuz they are angels!!!  Can't wait! It's one good way to get things cleaned up. I dusted all these figurines before wrapping them up and boxing them.

Dinner time was approaching. I cooked up salmon that a friend of ours gave to Megan, she'd watched their house alot of times. Scott fished in Alaska last year, for the 2nd or 3rd time a row. I melted 1/2 stick of butter and sauteed onions, then seasoned the salmon with 21 seasoning salute {Trader Joes} and lemon {concentrate}, a last minute thought, and on back side, rosemary. It was so delicious. Served with green beans and french bread.  It was so delicious and easy!

After dinner I decided to box up more Precious Moments figurines from 2 shelving units {3 shelves each} that's on the wall. Some are family related, a few Christmas.  There are 3 mugs still hanging on pegs under each of the units. They will come up soon and get washed up.

These are figurines from my parent's house. I've always called them Martha and George Washington. These figurines were made in Occupied Japan.  George has suffered a war wound in his back. All glued together but there's still a hole in one of his arms. Poor man! {Not sure when that happened, not here.}  It was a busy day but fruitful....laundry done and Megan did the dishes after dinner....ones that didn't go in dishwasher. I didn't even ask her to do it! SWEET!   Everything comes down from the walls. Curtains. Blinds. Curtains shaken and washed. Vacuuming to do after furniture is moved next Wed. One way to get some downsizing and cleaning done. I'm looking forward to finish. But there's work to be done before that happens.~~~ Update: my mom is marginally better. Thanks for your prayers! ~~ Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! God bless and thanks for stopping by to read my blog!!!


aimee said...

Glad to hear your mom's health has improved a bit! Ah--spring cleaning...after time off to watch my granddaughter, I am back working on it again:)

Camille said...

What an industrious lady you are, Becky! And...what a LOT of Precious Moments figurines!! :) Mmmm...salmon is super yummy. Have a lovely evening. Many Blessings, Camille

Becky L. said...

Camille,I know, I almost have too many figurines! Am going thru them and figuring out what ones I can give away to friends or to a thrift store.
Aimee, my mom is getting better, altho when my daughter saw her this week, her mind wasn't the best.
It is spring cleaning time for sure, especially the Living room curtains!