Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thoughts on Tuesday Evening

There are days when I think there's nothing much to list in my gratitude journal. I was a bit weary in mind early afternoon. Issues in my head...mulling them over.  My co-worker answers the phone since I'm busy at the register.  He says the phone call is for me. Ok, good or bad?  I see the number, on caller ID, is from my daughter.  I answer, and her voice is wavering, almost crying. "What's wrong?" "I got an email today that said that I need to go in for a preliminary test on Monday at ,,,,,,. It is for the job I'd applied for last month." my daughter said!  Oh.my.!  She was so excited!  After I hung up, I got to thinking in a bit......hey! And what was I thinking a bit ago. Having trouble with my gratitude to God today? Sigh! Fixed that one for me!  Later, I figured out a possible solution to an issue I was dealing with in head! 

Here are 3 photos of the tulip field from this year. Near sunset. April 11. I've been going through photos this evening while eating dinner at Denny's restaurant, by myself. Very few customers, which is nice. Yummy food. A fav place for me to go. WiFi.  So enjoy and yes, the tulip field is a definite blessing to me. Every year.  It's a sea of color. Different views.   This year Mt. St. Helens was in view as well as Mt. Hood.

Mt St. Helens with geese flying and solar panels....oh well!
Another blessing here at Dennys', I looked up and out the window! A bright rainbow!  Waitress said there was another one, but it had faded by the time both of us looked.  There was a rain shower on my way home to pick up my computer [and change out contacs to glasses (itchy eyes).....] My gratitude journal has 738 entries in it as of yesterday. Not half way through the year and almost to 1000 already! But that's good. Finding things that make me happy and thank the Lord for is really good. Including the brownie I'm eating as I type. It's my dessert! 


Linda W. said...

Nice tulip photos!

Betsy said...

Lovely post today Becky. It is important to remember the good things too. Unfortunately it's way too easy to always pick out the bad. Thank you for the reminder.
The tulip fields are beautiful.

aimee said...

I think it's especially important to look for blessings in the midst of the hard or stressful times we all go through. Hope things go well for your daughter in terms of getting the job she wants. LOVE the tulips--I, sadly, missed out on getting there this year. Maybe next :)

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for posting, Becky. Soooo much for which to be grateful, including your lovely tulip photos! xx

Becky L. said...

Sometimes it's just hard to think of anything that's different from the day before. I guess just being alive is something to be grateful for.
Tulips are one of my favorite photos. I wish they lasted longer than a week or two!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Having an attitude of gratitude is so important. You are an awesome example of this, Becky! I was thinking that cover photo looked familiar, like I'd seen that place before and then I read your caption and realized it was at Rowena Point, my old stompin' grounds :) Beautiful pics!