Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weird things Saturday

It was a normal Saturday. Got up after sleeping in! That is so nice. Watched almost 2 hours of cooking shows on Food Channel Network, starting with my favorite show that makes me turn the tv on.....Pioneer Woman, featuring Ree Drummond. Today they were featuring burning the pasture while Ree cooked food for her family, most of it on the big grill outside. It reminded me of grass seed farming in the Willamette Valley where I grew up.  Fields were burned in the summer to get rid of disease. Now it's nearly extinct....burning fields, that is.   Anyway, Farmhouse Rules came next where she featured grilling as well and then The Kitchen where they talked about grilling.....again!  I did learn some things about grilling, since I rarely do it. Usually my husband but I may have to take that over. He usually winds up coming in the house, then the burgers burn!  Sigh!....and sometimes it would be nice to smell the food that's cooking on the scratch and sniff!   
Moving right along....hung some pictures on the wall. Did laundry. When I pulled the 2nd load out of the dryer, I looked up where there was a black spot...what in the world is that?  A pr. of clip on sunglasses of my daughter's was attached by the little metal clips, into the dryer!!! They are still intact!  I was amazed it didn't catch on fire. Or melt!!!! All the pockets were cleaned out, I thought!!!      Fast forward to later when I'm eating some chips, since husband has some open in the other room......I'd been working with my sd picture cards. I went to take a bite of a chip....wait a minute!  Yum, sd card accidentally made it into my mouth!  Just didn't taste right!  Wiped it off. It's fine. Pictures fine! I guess I picked up the card and was distracted a second...... Oh My!!!  I was figuring out what was on the cards so I can use one for a video tomorrow. I guess I better be more careful!  Makes life a bit more interesting and funny?!  

Speaking of Food Channel Network and's an apple bundt cake that Megan made a few weeks ago. She's dripping the glaze over top...can you see it? It's from Trisha Yearwood's cookbook. We got to eat leftovers, since she was taking to a BBQ at the tulip farm where she worked for a month. Tulip season goes by too fast for me. I love those flowers!

Have a good weekend!


Betsy said...

It sounds like you had a busy Saturday. I, too, love the Pioneer Woman. I've been reading her blog since she started blogging-long before everyone knew her. Lots of fun!

Gracie Saylor said...

Oh my, I'm glad your SD card still works :)Becky and the survival of the clip on sunglasses in the laundry is remarkable. Now as for the just looks way too yummy! xx