Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Granddaughter's 6th Birthday

Mid May we celebrated Melody's 6th birthday. It's closer to end of month but with Memorial day holiday, her mom and dad had the family party days earlier, which was ok with us.  Here you can see Melody's front teeth coming in. One she lost the day before Easter. We are blessed to have this adorable little girl in our lives. She's sweet, loves Jesus, likes purple and her best Bible story is Creation. I look forward to watching her grow over the years. I'd be lost without my sweet granddaughter. Only one I've got.

Grandpa having fun with a balloon and smacking Owen with it. He thought it was funny!

Justin lighting the candles on his daughter's cake, Erin behind him. Megan and Owen watching

Blowing out the candles.

The delicious cake with raspberry filling!

Grandma's spot in the kitchen!

Grandma and grandchildren! Erin in the background!

Melody modeling her tshirt we bought her at Multnomah Falls. It reads Owl Always Love you...Multnomah Falls. She loves purple and clothes!

I gifted Melody with rubber stamps I don't use any more.  Owen was trying to figure out why he couldn't stamp his hand!

Melody had fun looking through all the stamps. A friend of mine unloaded some of her rubber stamps on me. I haven't needed all of them. Melody has just started getting interested in them so I thought I'd share.

Granddaughter reading to grandpa, an easy to read book. She did well!

Balloons cascading down. The balloons were a hit!

Owen being silly and so fun to watch! He's three!

Becky Lowmaster 2014  all rights reserved
Megan, Owen and Erin.

Fast forward to evening time. I made dinner at home. Paula Deen pan (blue) meet my new Nordic Ware oval roaster. I bought it Friday at Tuesday Morning. It's aluminum but I've wanted a pan I can cook on the stove and can use it in the oven. Lighter than cast iron. This is a good non stick pan, too. First time to use it!

Grated cheese, I'm making mac and cheese, from Pioneer Woman cookbook!

What a mess but

cleanup time!

My cookbooks and hanging Mary Engelbriet teapot ornaments.

Dinner's coming out of the oven!

Let's eat!

Walla walla sweet onion starts.

My rhododendron bush that evening! It was so beautiful! Now all the blooms are gone, Sigh!

Weather that evening...thunderstorm! It actually did and some were quite close.

All cleaned up and ready to put away.  It was a great day with family!  Long day but fun!

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aimee said...

Happy, happy Birthday Miss Melody! May is a GREAT month to have a birthday in--we LOVE May! May God bless you always.
PS: YUM! Mac and cheese.