Friday, June 13, 2014

One Friday Last Week

It's graduation season!  Megan is working on her last class-algebra-then she'll be done with her (online)Liberty University studies and have a diploma. I recently bought her this shirt through Zazzle. She's not a fan of algebra.Its been a struggle. But she's finishing it. There's confidence. She was so excited when she got the box, addressed to her, gifted by mom and dad.

Our church celebrates the seniors that graduate every June. There were 12 people graduating that we know. We've known some of them since they were in grade school and taught them in Sunday School. Makes me feel a bit older each year! I have given small gifts in the past. This year I was behind. Megan suggested giant cookies. I've given them to people on various occasions, mostly birthdays. So I set to work on Friday afternoon and made a double batch of Ranger Cookies. It's my favorite cookie recipe of all times.  I used M&Ms to write out 14 on the 12 big cookies.

Selfie of cook and blogger. My new blouse I bought before Mother's Day with a coupon for $10 anything at Hanes/Bali store. Looks pretty good with this fun apron my friend, Jill, made me for my bday last year.

Final stage of cookies. I didn't have any other sacks to put the cookies in. I put each cookie in a ziploc bag then put it in a bag. Reciepent's name on the outside. Then I printed out cards that had already been in Print shop {with a one of my landscape fotos on it.}, Also found some small gifts to stick inside for each person as well. Didn't add up to a huge amount but something fun for each person.  Then stapled them all shut. Gave them out on Sunday a.m. at the proper display that was set up on tables in the coffee shop at church.  An undertaking but hopefully everyone enjoyed their cookie/gift bag. Just a way of encouraging them on their journey in life as they graduate from high school or college. (Three were college graduates.)  That's how I filled one Friday afternoon while I was at home and repairman was here for our furnace work. I gave him a small cookie.  There was enough cookie dough leftover to make cookies for us as well.


Linda W. said...

Now those are my kinda cookies! They look yummy!

Teresa Kindred said...

I love any kind of cookie…my boys would gobble those up so fast it would make your head spin!

Teresa from

Camille said...

What a sweet gift idea my friend. You are a blessing! :)