Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sheep Sighting!

A couple weeks ago I was running around mytownusa doing some errands. I went around the corner of Walgreens to parking lot. Right before my very eyes I spotted two sheep in this pickup truck! I laughed! I know they were headed somewhere. Not sure if they'd had a visit to the vet. Or being just bought, they were making their way home to their new place. There is an auction house close.  I had to get a photo of them. I love sheep. They were in my life when I was young, on the farm. They were still there when I came out of the store. Life is interesting and this sight made me smile! 


aimee said...

I love sheep too Becky and would have loved seeing a couple of them! Hope things are well with you and yours:)

Linda W. said...

Well, that's a sight you don't see everyday! Good thing you had your camera.

Betsy said...

Your sheep made me smile Becky. I came out of Bi-Mart in the small town near our lake and there, in the back of a pickup next to me, were 3 goats. All munching on hay and I'm sure they were smiling at me. I love all of these creatures.