Monday, August 4, 2014

Being Fruitful!

A few weekends ago, Megan and I went to Hood River. Here I am outside a bldg at Rasmussens farms. This is after the lavender festival. We were both quite warm!  (I realized festival photos were still in my Canon camera. I'll have to share them later! Sigh!)  I really like this sink setup...old school....couldn't take it home with me. So I had Megan take a photo of me, all sweaty, by the sink. I washed my hands in water and soap and it felt so good.  We were done buying our produce that we'd hurried over to buy before they closed.

Megan is hauling our stash out to the car. There's peaches, apricots, cherries, flowers, jam.  I love these colorful chairs.  I love the hills in the background as well.  Once we loaded it all in the trunk and visited the porta potty again, we sat in the car. A/C on.

Our dinner was eaten at Charburger. Nice place, good food. We missed the crowd..cuz more came in when we were eating. There was a concert at the Columbia Gorge hotel up the street. This restaurant stays busy. My fav is mushroom swiss burger. Megan had one as well. We enjoyed the old tyme decor.

Cherries and apricots in bowls. At home.

I got 4 qt. of peaches canned the following Sunday. I had to run to a store to get jar rings. I didn't have any. I think I threw them away since they were getting old.rusty.good thing I noticed BEFORE I started my project. Phil and I headed to the store before they closed. Then we had dinner. On a Sunday eve.  

On another day, Phil made me a cherry pitter from an empty prescription bottle. I don't have one. So he made one. It worked. Used one of the beaters from my mixer.

Push down through the cherry and the pit goes down into the hole and into the bottle. Some of the pits were a bit bigger. So I had to prod it more. These were a sweet cherry but still a bit bigger than royal annes or bings.

Lots of pits!

A bowl full of pitted cherries. It took me an hour to do them. I learned a hard lesson...I should have stood on a rug. The next a.m. my hips were sore, especially my right one. I made it to church but I was hurting. Good thing I was able to put my thigh up to the knee on the pew seat during the church service. It helped relieve stress on it. Finally felt better later afternoon at home.

Cherries ready for freezer....sugared syrup poured into the bags.      Yesterday I cut up, peeled, pitted and sliced the apricots. I didn't have enough for jam. So I sweetened them and put them back in the fridge. Tonight I just made a flat apricot pie out of it and it's now out of the oven. I wish you could smell the goodness!  Yummy!         Hopefully you are all having a good summer. It's been quite hot here, in the high 90s almost everyday...and last Friday, early a.m. we were wakened by a thunderstorm we usually don't experience. An.hour.long. A few close, overhead, loud thunder that made my right ear hurt!  Nothing damaged. Good thing!  On that note, I'm gonna bid you adieu and get a cup of tea, get a few things done before I head for bed. For tomorrow is another work day! God's blessings to you!!


Linda W. said...

Your husband's cherry pitter is genius! I love going to Hood River this time of year and buying fresh fruit.

Betsy said...

That's a LOT of fruit. The cherry pitter is ingenious. It is so hot everywhere. I'm looking forward to a bit cooler today.

aimee said...

Sigh. I missed the lovely thunderstorm you had when I was in Utah and I LOVE t-storms:)
The fruit looks wonderful! Hood River is an amazing place for a lot of reasons:)