Saturday, August 9, 2014

Busy Days

It has been a busy summer,to say the least. The pages of my calendar keep filling up, especially the weekends. Right now I'm sitting in the shade with a nice breeze. Cooling off from hot summer day. Mid 80s. I'm official photographer of Woodburn Firehouse Cook off again this year. Down time after photographing cook off teams. Soon winners will be announced. So I will be busy again.

Cook off includes many samples from the teams and then a pulled pork sandwich meal that's included in the admission price. Our meals were "free" since I was the photographer. Phil loves all the samples. You feel so full by afternoon's end. Pig Out is a good phrase of the day!
I took the photo of this group last year when they won people's choice award. The photo is put on a plaque or tile. Nice idea. This year this team won people's choice again! Two Bad Dads and a Buddy!

     Yesterday I met up with Betsy, a fellow NW blogger. We had a great time at Red Robin, in Clackamas. One of these days I hope to meet with three other women that meet once a month.We exchanged a little gift....Betsy gave me a knitted wash cloth, which I love to use in the kitchen. I gave her a coaster/mug cover that I bought earlier this year. We had a good time talking...pretty good for never meeting! Kindred spirits? Sisters in Christ!


Tomorrow afternoon is Phil's work picnic. It won out over church picnic. I don't have to make anything for work picnic. Two places at once is not an option. We both were at a church senior group picnic last Sat. Catch my drift of all the activities we are involved in.  Next Sat. all three of us are going to Fishfest concert...Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant. At river front in Salem. Rest of Aug weekends will remain uneventful. Enuf said. I'm not bored. No complaining.

     I am contemplating going to Nicaragua May 2015.  (See where Volcan San Cristobal is on map? That's by Chichigalpa, where I was 2013.) Now I'm planning on what to do for seven days. Praying for God's direction and funds. I have ideas pending.

We are  home now, a bit of food eaten (me) and coolness. Uploaded a few photos from my phone for this post. Hope you are all having a good weekend. Enjoy, relax, chill, have fun, be blessed!


Betsy said...

It looks like you had a busy day! It was great to meet with you yesterday. Hopefully you'll soon meet up either the it her ladies too I know you would enjoy it.

Linda W. said...

I love me a good cookout! I'll bet it was fun being the photographer at the cook off.

aimee said...

Yea! I am so happy that you finally got to meet one of the bloggers you've been wanting to meet:) Sounds like you two had a very nice time!
Have a blessed week Becky.

TamaraB said...

Not too much better than the wonderful smells and tastes of a Firehouse cook off. Great Summer activities are the rewards for the hard work that we put in the rest of the time. Busy days for sure, but wow, such huge Blessings.