Sunday, August 31, 2014

One Thousand Blessings!

 It has been a busy summer. Almost every weekend there's been something going on...go somewhere, FishFest, bbq cookoff, picnics x2, can peaches, do some cleaning in my office space, chill time. This post is a catch up on my summer and I hope that you enjoy this trip a couple months backwards into my summer.

One of my blessings in life is my dear friend, Tamara. We spend a few hours together, usually each week. We do Bible study together, keep ourselves encouraged in the faith. This was a hot Tues evening, one of the first. We'd gone to Subway but their systems were down. So we tried Dennys and they were extremely full. Way too many cars in the parking lot so we didn't even go in. We went over to KFC. Score! Coolness!  We enjoyed the rebuild! Cheery! Old one was torn down to make way for new road.

Dinner and a cake. July 1.  I bought the cake as a late birthday celebration for Tamara, late June.  Always a good time to have chocolate cake!
Enjoying our time together to catch up. Tamara's been working alot. Her husband had some back surgery again. So it was hard for us to get together.
My latest journal entries written July 1, after our little get together.  Early a.m. July 2. I got the call my mom was gone.

Fast forward to July 22. I am at Denny's restaurant. Usually a Bible study night. But Tamara was not able to make it. Phil has a couple young men over to the house. Gaming. Noise. I seek quiet in the evening. I eat. Read. Catch up on my gratitude journal. Also on my John project. It has been a blessing to me. Last year I started a gratitude journal after reading Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts" book, on my Kindle. This year I hit 1000 blessings.
If you write 3 blessings a day, something that you are thankful for that God has given you that day, made your life good, by the end of the year, you will reach 1000 blessings. I hit it earlier. But that's ok.   As you can see, the day I hit 1000 was the day Megan and I were in Hood River.  Here are a few photos from that day.
A bundle of lavender in Megan's hand, attempting to get Mt. Hood. There were so many cars that the photo op wasn't good. Sigh!
Lavender, which I picked and put on an old trailer at Hood River Lavender farm. Photo op!

Mt. Hood taken from side of a road, near a church in Pine Grove.
I wanted Megan to see this old Methodist Church, built in 1897. It is still being used as a church. It sits by a school, on one side. Fruit orchard on the other side.  I'd been here before so I wanted to take her to spots that she'd not seen. We enjoyed our day out. Even though it was a week and a day after my mom's memorial service. It was all I could do to pull myself out of bed and go. But am glad we went!
Mt. Hood from Panorama Point, another place I've been. While we were up there, a family was there, taking photos....they had been to a wedding. On a farm, close by. They were from the east coast....I took a couple group photos of the parents and their grown children with their spouses.  It was lovely up there.  I enjoy looking down into the valley below. What a beautiful scene God created with the help of men, growing crops. It was a good day. Then is was off to eat. Then home. Good to be away. Good to arrive home safe.       Have a good weekend, my friends. I get to work 6 hours tomorrow. But it's ok! I have a job, so I'm not gonna complain. 


Teresa Kindred said...

Great article and great photographs! Hugs to you!

aimee said...

Congrats on reaching your goal Becky! Ah, I love that lavender field and panorama point--it's always beautiful there. You have me curious to find that church, so I can take a photo to add to my ever growing picture collection of historic churches:)

Kathy said...

Beautiful photographs. What a wonderful world God made for us. It must be great to see Mt. Hood. We have no mountains near us.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Hi Becky, sounds like you have had a very busy summer! It's nice to have a good friend to share with and congrats on reaching your goal of 1000 blessings! Love the photos of Mt. Hood. Now we are going into fall - where did the summer go? I am playing catch up and painting my house. I am loving this nice sunny weather. Hope you have a lovely week. xo Karen

Camille said...

Enjoyed this visit with you today, Becky. Your summer was full...what a blessing! So sorry again about your you will miss her. What a precious Hope we have in our Lord! What a future we have because of Him! Congratulations on reaching 1000 gifts's a milestone. :) Hugs, Camille

Gracie Saylor said...

I love the idea of writing down three blessings a day, Becky, although I have never done it that way. I made a little gratitude book a few years ago and listed one thing a day and sometimes drew little pictures to illustrate what I had listed. It really encouraged me as does this post. I just got some lavender from the lavender farm near the Women's smells so fresh and wonderful, doesn't it! xx