Thursday, August 7, 2014

Outdoor Fun Late June 2014

Outdoor church has been a tradition these past few years at our church. It's held the Sunday prior to July 4. This is the first time I used my camera that's on my cell phone, that I'd purchased the day before. So I tried it out.  Here's the worship team leading the songs.   People singing and praising God.

Song sheet and Bible on my lap.

After the service was a potluck picnic. In line right behind me was my friend, Jill. I was wishing her a happy birthday, since it was her birthday, when all of a sudden Pedro came over and said it was his birthday too. Really it was!  We had a good time visiting!

Food line! There was so much food. Delicious.

My choices. Of course I wound up with two pieces of chocolate dessert. Now I wish I could remember the one that was drizzled with white had ritz crackers with something in between then dipped in chocolate. It was so good!

Big kids had a bouncy house of sorts that was fun. A couple adults went in there later for fun....why do all the little kids have all the fun?

This year there was a classic car show in the upper parking lot. Quite a good collection.

My daughter likes Coca Cola so I took this photo for her. These are made by a man that goes to church and comes into the hardware store to purchase nuts and bolts often.

I was allowed to sit in this vehicle. The man, in photo below, has many nuts, bolts, washers and hinges in this vehicle that were purchased at the hardware store where I work. I've sold parts to him quite often.

Speedometer for 1933 Vale that I'm sitting in with Don, in the next photo. It was made in London, England.

We went for a drive around a few blocks from the church. I just happened to catch him as Phil and I were leaving....I didn't know this was his car. (I went with Don and a team down to Nicaragua last year.No, we didn't go to Nica in this room for luggage and the leg space is highly over rated!!!!)  We had a fun time on our little drive. My feet got a bit hot as the motor is right in front. I jokingly told him that my shoes melted when we got back to the church.

Pastor Pedro with his adorable son PJ Jr.  He's a month and a half here in this photo. The photo below was taken a couple weeks later. He is such a cutie pie.  He and his mom and dad have returned to Nicaragua. I'm sure his 3 big sisters have really loved on him, since they'd not seen him til mid July!  Can't wait to see what PJ looks like next year, when he's a year old! 
I enjoy the times we have at church when there's extra activities. It's a great time to invite people from the neighborhood. It feels great to be outdoors and worship His beautiful creation. We all have a fun time and it's always hard to leave.  "Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me."  Psalm 103:2


Kathy said...

How cool to have outdoor church! It looks like a wonderful time. I'm going to show this to my pastor. We don't have a big parking lot, but maybe we can do something like this.

Camille said...

Great photos, Becky! What a lot of fun. Hugs to you! Camille

TamaraB said...

This was such a great day! Outdoor Service is always great, so much fun. The car show was a great added treat. Hope it is a repeat next year. Love the pix of you in the car. Was neat that you got to go for a ride as well. As always love your posts.