Friday, September 12, 2014

Flowers on Friday

There are alot of flowers in my life that brighten my days.  Tulips have become my favorites since moving back to Oregon. Lovely tulip farm close in proximity. I was out here one late April afternoon, snapped this shot on my cell phone, 1.5 mg camera. Shows the busy day out there. My daughter worked out there again this year. If I never take another photo of tulips, I will still have many to look at for years!

My tea rose out front of our house. I have enjoyed it for 24 years. It was the first rose I planted the following year we moved in. Still going strong. I wasn't too good to it this year. I didn't get out and cut it back as I should during the blooming season. I was busy and then the days were so hot, this summer. We've had a crazy hot summer, 90 and up to 100 for days on end. Not normal for this part of Oregon. Very little measurable rain. My daughter and I took turns watering flowers and shrubs daily!

Rhododendron in our front lawn. I've had it for years as well. Love it!

These peonies are from neighbors lawns. I don't grow them but I truly enjoy them.

Clematis that is hanging over a fence at my son's house. Love it. Again, a flower I'd like to have. Maybe next year?
This is how we transported the flowers home from mom's memorial service. We'd given away all but one pouch of goldfish crackers. Just thought I'd share....I forgot to share it earlier. Box goes well with the flowers, don't ya think?

Lovely tiger lily close to our home, on a Sunday evening. Walking home from a dinner....this was in the glad people planted flowers there early on.

My friend, Carrie, and I were at a gardenpalooza this spring. (It's a show with nurseries selling flowers and garden themed vendors).  I really liked this flower. Too expensive for the plant, $50. Still could probably get one somewhere since it's still in it's bloom time. Info below. I hope you enjoyed the flower show!  Have a good weekend, my friends. I'm hanging around home.


Camille said...

Beautiful photos, Becky! I *love* your tea rose. They are my favourite, I think. Yours is such a lovely colour. Hugs to you! Camille

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Loved your flowers today, Becky. The flowering maple is beautiful - I've always wanted one. The tulip field is so pretty. I know what you mean about having to water all summer. Hope you have a nice weekend. Hugs xo Karen

Linda W. said...

Nice flower photos, especially the first one of the tulip fields.