Thursday, October 9, 2014

37 years

Last evening Phil and I enjoyed a cherry pie with chocolate ice cream. We were celebrating 37 years of marriage. We had both worked that day. So I stopped at Shari's restaurant and picked up a pie. Their classic pies are on sale all month. Secretly hoping for a cherry pie. Yes! After a dinner of pork loin chops, veggies and already made biscuits, meal by Megan, we went on a walk in the dark of evening. After walk we enjoyed pie and ice cream. This specific dessert was from early on in our marriage.
Years ago, when we were still in England, at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, we ate dinner at the NCO club. Our selection for dessert was cherry pie ala mode. The server, who was British, came back to our table. She said "We are out of vanilla ice cream. We have chocolate ice cream."  We said "that would be fine." She queried, indignantly, in her British accent,"On cherry pie?"  Yes, we ordered it and it was delicious. Even though it is not the British way, not what Queen Victoria or Elizabeth would have for dessert, we USAF Airmen ate anyway. Good memory to share with friends.

Today we are enjoying time together on the coast. Fog when we got there. Fun time at the aquarium. Good visit with former neighbors. It was good to catch up with them!

Of course walk on beach tomorrow. I am tired tonight. It has been busy at work for three days. Busy in evenings. Never a dull moment in life right now. That's good. RnR is a good thing. Phil had a long six weeks of overtime at work. Life and death happenings haven't helped matters at all. Stress. Definite plus for getting away from the ordinary. Thankful for the ability to get away, especially with my dear husband. Thankful for our relatively good marriage, our dear children, daughter in love and adorable grandchildren. We are blessed.

A neighbor, a few blocks away from us, gave me three Chinese Lantern pods last eve, on our walk. I had asked them, a few weeks ago, if I could have some seeds from their plants. I want to start my own plants next year. (Lovely, but don't wanna pay $25 for a plant. At a nursery.) These pods are on ground cover by our front step. Now pods are in my house with other dried flowers for the moment.   Now I feel the need for hot tea and a piece of chocolate cake we brought with us. Megan gave it to us last eve. Little did she know that I was buying dessert as well.  Thanks for stopping by and I so appreciate all of you. Hugs and blessings!


Linda W. said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved the story about the cherry pie and chocolate ice cream.

Betsy said...

***HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY*** It sounds like a wonderful dinner and walk AND a day at the beach? You are blessed indeed. I love the coast and look forward to a trip there in the near future. Enjoy your walk tomorrow.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Happy 37th anniversary, Becky! Love the story of the cherry pie with chocolate ice cream! What a sweet tradition. What a blessing to have such a long marriage and happy family. I feel the same way - just celebrated 42 years - where does the time go? So nice to get away with your hubby to the coast. My son and new bride just honeymooned at Seaside. We didn't get to go away to our usual Mt. cabin at Rainier this year because we went to Boston for a wedding. Next year......I hope that this is a good year for you and hubby. Many blessings to you both and your sweet family. Hugs xo Karen

aimee said...

A blessed and very happy anniversary to both of you! I think cherry pie would taste good--after all you can buy chocolate covered cherries:) Ah, beautiful Newport--enjoy your time there! Enjoy your walk on the beach--this weekend they are expecting very high surf and sneaker waves.
BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award (means beloved or dearest) -- because everyone is so busy these days I have made the rules very flexible, but if you can't fulfill them please enjoy the award anyway!

Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary! 37 years is a long time. Loved the story of the cherry pie. We eat chocolate covered cherries, don't we? So why not chocolate ice cream. Have fun on your get away. You deserve it.

TamaraB said...

Happy 37th Anniversary!!!
So happy that you were able to escape to spend time together. The Beach is always a great place to go and unwind. Chocolate Ice Cream and Cherry Pie sounds good, a new and improved version of a Cherry Cordial : )
Thank you for being such a wonderful example to us all. You are such a Blessing in our lives.
Hugs my friend, Tamara

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Happy anniversary! Glad you continued your cherry pie tradition. Stuff like that is so romantic :)