Friday, October 17, 2014

Here We Go Again!

 Just this week, which seemed a fast week, was another Toastmaster contest. On Wednesday we took off before work was over. On this very rainy, windy day here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I watched the rain pour down. I took my raincoat with me to work. Pouring by the time I got to work. So I shrugged into it quickly. Gotta get into the store!!!!  Watched the rain pour and then early afternoon, the rain was going sideways. Wondered what the late afternoon drive would be like?  Turns out it was good, cloudy as I left work 2 hours early to meet up with Phil at his work. He drove us to Portland, where the contest was. We managed to get into traffic but it wasn't too bad. At least it was moving!!!!  We made it after missing our street once we were off I-5. We didn't know the street divided. So he went up a few blocks, turned and finally got to Stanton where Legacy Emanuel Hospital was. Once we got out of the parking garage, which way to go? Good thing there was a map.  Once we got to correct building, there was enough time for me to get food for both of us. Phil needed to stay there, for briefing. So I wandered over to the next building, remembering where it was from last year.  On my way through, I spotted this cow. I remember it was here last year. But I needed a photo of it! Lovely!  Got to the HeatBeat Cafe and decided on 2 hoagie sandwiches. There were free drinks at the contest so I didn't spend more than $6 for food there.

 On my way back to the auditorium was this lovely stained glass window. Another photo! Good thing the food was in a bag. {Emanuel means God with us.} We were able to eat most of our hoagies before the contest began.  First was the humorous speeches. Phil's speech was entitled "The Trials and Tribulations of a Photographer's Husband." Then intermission. Where we ate the rest of our sandwiches. And talked with people and moved out of the room for fresher air. Then there was table topics contest, which Phil didn't participate in.

 These are the contestants for humorous speech contest. They were to tell what their club was, and something that they were thankful for today. Phil is on the very left.  Rodrigo, man with hat, was third place, Kathryn got first so that left Phil with 2nd place. It was so close between the two of them....they were both good. They got the most laughs! Kathryn goes on to the next contest in November. {No photos while he was giving his speech....per instructions for audience.}

I always enjoy going to these competitions. An evening of laughter and people are so nice. We had a good drive home, little rain. Once we got to the right parking garage. We'd gone through a building to get to the auditorium but it was closed since it was after 8:30 PM. So we had to go around....Phil was sure he knew where we had parked.  Oh dear, I pulled out my smartphone and looked up my map I'd downloaded.....the parking garage was the next one.  I stood still til he located the car. As he was walking down the level, I looked over and down and spotted our car. Then he wanted to know if he should drive around and get me? No, I walked down!  He is keeping his speech in his head, just in case Kathryn can't participate. He's already thinking about next year's speech. Oh dear. And it's always in late Sept and Oct.  Messes up plans for us, sometimes. Oh well.....will see if he can make next year too. Maybe a speech about homeschooling. There are a few incidents that could work. But I'm not holding my breath. Mrs. Tag-along-Photographer-Wife with give suggestions if asked! 

(Photos were taken on my smartphone. Lighting wasn't the best either. 
But wanted to share it with ya all!)

Happy Weekend!!!!


Betsy said...

I've never been to a toastmaster event. It sounds like fun and I'm glad you made it in time even with the weather not cooperating much.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kathy said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! Your pictures are great, even if taken with your phone. There's always next year for first place.

Gracie Saylor said...

Well done! [both photos and husband's speech] Becky. I have never attended such an event but it sounded like it would be fun. :-) xx

Laury said...

That's so awesome! I was in speech club in Jr. high and High school. I enjoyed it but wasn't that good.