Thursday, October 23, 2014

Some Color for a Rainy Week

photo by Becky Lowmaster 2014
It has been raining a good portion of this week. The other day I decided to add some color to this post.  I spotted these measuring cups in the dish drainer the other week. Nice!  Just laying there, being colorful.  Wednesday afternoon was very rainy and I watched it from inside the store. Warmer and dryer for sure. Alot of people were wearing their coats and hats.

photo by Becky Lowmaster
I got a new lunch tote and have been enjoying the colors. Not sure when I bought it that I'd like it. It adds color to the break room. Not to mention my day! Good deal for $10 at a discount store. I've used it on little trips as well.
photo by Becky Lowmaster 2014
This afternoon, I was watching tv. Not at work, since I didn't feel well last night...stomach gave me a scare. {But I am better tonight.}  I couldn't figure out why it was getting so dark at 2 PM.  Then the rain and wind hit. Here is the storm from my front living room window. The leaves below are dripping with rain, out our front door.
photo by Becky Lowmaster 2014

photo by Becky Lowmaster 2014
It's dry enough to venture out and get the mail, after another rain storm.
photo by Becky Lowmaster
Clouds above our house. Quite the weather day. Longview, WA had a tornado that ripped off a roof of a business and took out a big tree by an assisted living building. A couple weeks ago there was a straight line wind {almost a tornado} that did damage to trees and a house a few miles from us. Tornadoes in Oregon aren't usually a norm.  So glad I was cozy inside. Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend!

 All photos from my LG 90 phone's camera....copyright, Becky Lowmaster 2014


Kathy said...

We have had quite a bit of rain here too, but not like yours. So glad you came through safely.

You certainly added color to your post. I love your tote bag.

Betsy said...

That looks like quite a storm. The rain and cold have made it to our area today. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.

Linda W. said...

Love the colorful measuring cups and your lunch bag! Yeah, I went hiking today and got caught in the downpour.

aimee said...

It was quite a rainstorm wasn't it? I am already a bit tired of the gray so it's nice to see some color in your post! Have a blessed weekend:)
Blessings, Aimee

Janet Coffield said...

My favorite was the the doorstep and boots. :) I am a sucker for tote bags too. Thanks for sharing.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

I like your bits of color - lots of stormy weather here, too. Pretty sky photo! Stay dry and glad you are feeling better. Hugs xo Karen