Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tis Pumpkin Time

Everywhere I look are pumpkins and many recipes on how to use all those pumpkins. Including ones at our house..,,five. Two are smaller ones. Last Friday I drove through the country to Bauman farms. Guess what I found?   PUMPKINS!!

copyright Becky Lowmaster 2014

copyright Becky Lowmaster 2014copyright Becky Lowmaster 2014
I also found apples which I bought a 20# box of braeburn. I intend to make applesauce and dehydrate some as well. which means I need to get another box soon. 
This is the scene from garden area at Baumans. I did not explore far as I was just getting over a stomach issue. It was great to be outside, in nature, away from stores. For the most part.
My daughter brought home a fresh cauliflower from Wooden Shoe Tulip farm. Huge!  I t was so big I had to put it on a shelf in the fridge since it wouldn't fit in the veggie drawer.......Megan is working the Pumpkin fest this year. So thankful she has had some part time, seasonal work. But tomorrow, is her last day. Unless she gets asked to help clean up the following week, It's been raining so it's been muddy. {They grow more things than tulips at Wooden Shoe tulip farm....grapes, grasses, pumpkins, gourds. It is a working farm.}
My co-worker saved a cookie for me. She'd brought some to work to share. Of course, the guys, early on, ate them all. Save this one C. brought to me on my last break. It looks like an owl in a tree. But in reality, it's a spider, just didn't have legs on it. I took the photo, then promptly ate it. Cookie was peanut butter! YUM! 
{All photos copyrighted....Becky Lowmaster 2014  (Ask before using, please!) }

Have a good weekend! I will be busy! Thanks for stopping in for a visit!


Linda W. said...

Cute cookie! And I love all the pumpkins. I had foot surgery yesterday (bunion removal) so I'm spending Halloween on the couch with my foot in the air.... Enjoy your Halloween!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, that cauliflower looks so good - and all the pumpkins are so cheerful. I love peanut butter cookies - think I'll bake some tonight. We don't get trick or treaters here - we live too far out.
Hope your daughter finds some work after this. I used to clean houses - it is good pay and good hours. I just put up a notice in the grocery store. Charged $25 an hour - 4 hrs. minimum. Might be something....Have a good weekend! Hugs xo Karen