Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fun with Girlfriends!

Yesterday I met up with some dear friends for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen at Bridgeport Village. We had a good time visiting. Enjoying food. Mary Ann brought her granddaughter Ruth, Sarah came with Teresa, Faith brought her grandson Nash and I went by myself. Just enough room for all of us. The food was tasty and little left. I'd recommend eating there.(It is a chain.) There is more than pizza though.

After lunch we took another group photo, out by the magnificent Christmas tree. It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas trees are springing up already.  I'm thankful for the sweet lady that took our photos outdoors. I had an issue with looking at the photos right afterwards, they all seemed blurry. So she took more.....later I looked, in different lighting and they looked fine. Sigh!  Mary Ann, Teresa, Faith and I met 26 years ago when we were going to the same church. Faith and her husband, Don, were so kind to us the first time we were at that church. They invited us over for lunch after church. WOW!!  Teresa and I have been close for years and our children are like cousins. I'm blessed to have these ladies in my life. It was a happier Saturday than last week's bittersweet day. Life goes on and friends help you through the down times.  I made a new friend, with Sarah. She was home schooled, as my children were. We had a good time afterwards as well. Then I realized I knew her mom, from parties with Teresa. Small world!!!

I really liked this statue of a lady.  Sarah put her REI sack on her arm and I took a photo.

I liked this huge cloud formation to the east.

Lovely tall tree. It's beginning to look like Christmas, but not at my house. Yet. Give me some time, late next weekend....and Christmas cards to address! Joyful, joyful, we adore thee........

I brought home some tea from Peets Coffee and Tea store. I finally got to stop in there. I love black tea. So I succumbed to buying a small canister of it since it was 15% off that day. I also got a "free" cup of hot tea, to my liking. They actually had a decaf tea, English Breakfast, to drink. In this cup. I didn't notice the owl on it til after I took the cardboard sleeve (aka:anti-hand burner) off it when I got home. Owls were a favorite of my mom's. It seems they are everywhere.  So I've cleaned the cup and top. It's sitting on my top shelf by my desk now. Through end of year at least! Why not? It's festive! I did drink a cup of this holiday breakfast blend for lunch today. It was good!!*******Speaking of desk, I have been decluttering and moving things around by my computer desk. I can't believe all the junk I've gotten rid of. There's still more to do. But it's going to look nice for the holidays! I will share that with you soon. And another give away coming next week. This week would be too busy for it.  Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We have so much to be thankful for!! God has been good to us!!! Amen?!


Betsy said...

I'm glad you had such a nice lunch with your friends. The food looks very good. Mandy like Peet's coffee but I've never had their tea. Maybe next trip to Portland. I can't believe it's Thanksgiving but I do have my cards ready to go for Christmas.

Linda W. said...

It's always fun to get together with friends. Can't believe the holiday season is almost here. That tea looks really yummy.

Kathy said...

Your time with your friends sounds wonderful. I love all your pictures. Never had anything from Peet's. I'm not sure if we have them here or not. But I do love my decafe English Breakfast tea.

Gracie Saylor said...

You are ahead of me, Becky! I am playing catch up, but making progress and having fun along the way as you are too :) Blessings to you and yours xx